Letter to the Editor: Response to Letter about Archbishop

Archbishop Demetrios of America. (Photo by Bill Petros)

To the Editor:

Thank you for publishing the Letter to the Editor entitled “Enough Already with Your Witch Hunt Re Demetrios” (May 19). Accountability and transparency are important, that is what everyone is asking for at the end of the day. Blaming one person, when there seems to be a lot of blame to go around, is not the answer. I think many people are being unfair to His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, but there are things the people need to know to move forward. They want above all else to know that money intended for a certain purpose, like the building of a church for example, actually is used for that purpose and not for anything else.

Non-profit organizations across the United States have to account for every penny they make in order to receive funding from government agencies and private foundations when they apply for grants. They have to show detailed budgets in some cases showing three years back and three years into the future so that whoever is funding them will know that this is an established and legitimate organization that plans to be around for a long time. It’s not going to spend your hard-earned money and leave a church half-built.

Athena K. Papavasileiou

San Diego, CA

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  1. You are correct that legitimate organizations show accountability to their members, by demonstrating both fiduciary responsibility and transparency.
    But we’re talking about the GOA of NA, who at a National Clergy-Laity when politely asked about their secret finances and whether they would/should allow lay people with expertise to help, sternly and rudely advised the sheep to stand down: “the church is a hierarchy, not a democracy!” And in the last 20 years, they’ve only gotten more secretive and more despotic (doesn’t that word work well here?), and in the process a laughable failure.
    I am not intending to be disrespectful here, but when the Chief Administrators’ cardinal qualification for that leadership position is the choice to live a celibate life, should we really expect such a large organization to run any better that we see? Church and government are two eggs best NOT seated in the same basket. Our grandfathers weren’t perfect but they had it right when they kept the priests away from the parish administration.

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