2020 Election is between Donald Trump and Karl Marx

I am not one to exaggerate. I have never called any election “the most important one of our lifetime.” In 1980, when Ronald Reagan was elected president, I think America was significantly upgraded. The incumbent he defeated that year, Jimmy Carter, is a national treasure: at 95, he’s the longest-living president of all time. May God bless him to live to be 120! But he’s one of the most ineffective presidents of all time. If Reagan is in the top ten, Carter is clearly in the ten bottom. Even so, 1980 does not qualify as the most important election ever; after all, the sky didn’t fall during Carter’s first term, and so I think we would’ve survived a second. If Carter’s vice president, Walter Mondale, had beaten Reagan in 1984, it would’ve been a shame, but not a danger. The 1988 election, between the elder George Bush and Michael Dukakis, exaggerated the candidates’ ideological differences: Bush was not nearly as conservative and Dukakis not quite as liberal as they were made out to be. The 1992, 1996, and 2000 elections, Bush vs. Bill Clinton, Clinton vs. Bob Dole, and the younger George Bush vs. Al Gore, respectively, were essentially a cavalcade of centrists, the choice being more about personality than political philosophy. In 2004, Democrat John Kerry unsuccessfully challenged Bush for reelection, and in 2008 and 2012, Democrat Barack Obama defeated centrist Republicans John McCain and then Mitt Romney. Obama was at the left edge of centrism, and Kerry a little to Obama’s left. Eight years under Obama was not nearly the catastrophe right wingers would want you to believe, and even a Kerry presidency would not have destroyed our nation. And in 2016, I was more excited than I had been about any election since Reagan-Carter: I was intensely rooting for Donald Trump to win so that he could strike a lethal blow against the major party establishment duopoly, and I had tremendous disdain for Hillary Clinton as a human being. Yet, if Hillary had won and was president right now, while I don’t think she’d be nearly as good as Trump, she too would not have ruined America.

This time around, however, I am finally going to say: this is the most important election of my lifetime. Considering no one reading this column was yet born in 1860 (when Abraham Lincoln won), it is the most important election of your lifetime too! You see, this election is, essentially, a choice between Donald Trump and Karl Marx. That’s not to suggest that Trump’s likely main opponent, Joe Biden, is Marx. Rather, that the rapidly declining Biden, if elected, would be controlled by modern-day Marxists, who have hijacked the Democratic Party and are truly seeking to destroy America’s institutions, such as the government itself. Biden may have the will to stop them, but not the stamina.

While writing this column, I learned that vandals in Elmhurst, NY defaced a statue of the Virgin Mary – you know, that white supremacist slaveholder. If the Mother of God doesn’t escape these anarchists’ wrath, how can a mere mortal like Lincoln do so (he didn’t; plenty of his statues have been vandalized as well)? Never mind that he courageously stepped up and brought slavery in the United States to an end. In 2017, amid protests to remove Confederate statues from public places, President Trump wondered whether they would tear down statues of Presidents Washington and Jefferson too, because they owned slaves. That is no longer a rhetorical question; it’s already happened.

Not only have Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben been removed from supermarket shelves (because it’s racist to associate black persons with food?), but so has the Eskimo Pie – let me guess, because so many Inuits and Aleutian Islanders have been brutalized by police? Gone with the Wind, one of the greatest films of all time, was almost completely censored by HBO because it didn’t categorically denounce slavery; it was later retained but with a mandate to include a slavery denunciation qualifier. Well, while we’re at it, shall we ban the Bible as well, because it contains several passages describing slavery as an acceptable fact of life?

These radical anarchists are obsessively anti-authority, recognizing full well that most law enforcement officers do not use excessive force. Their police brutality ‘wokeness’ is a false premise they utlilize to further their objective of dismantling all institutions of law and order. It is no wonder, then, that so many of these same Marxists also advocate for open borders. If they get their way, Sanctuary Cities – safe havens where PHIs (Persons Here Illegally) don’t have to worry about being turned in to the authorities – will be a moot concept, because soon enough, there won’t be any place to turn them in.

How did things get so out of control? Contrary to popular belief among some rightwing circles, it wasn’t Obama’s doing. The problem actually worsened when Obama left office, because so much of the media, hell-bent on destroying Trump, used every opportunity to portray him as a monster. The same media outlets who called Trump’s recent Mt. Rushmore speech “dark and divisive” used those same adjectives to describe his inaugural address on January 20, 2017. I attended the event live, along with a TNH colleague of mine who’s not a Trump supporter but who liked that speech and didn’t agree with the “dark and divisive” depiction. Think about this carefully: who is the great divider, is it the real Donald Trump, or the media, because they created the illusionary Trump boogeyman?

More important than how we got here is where we’re heading. If this were merely a choice between Trump and Biden, I’d still vote Trump, but I’d think Biden would be relatively harmless. Instead, it’s a choice between Trump and a bunch of rebellious, anarchistic, Marxist thugs who, if Biden wins will take over the Oval Office and tell him: “ok Grandpa, you go fix yourself a nice cup of tea. We’ll take it from here.”


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