Scaros’ Defense of Our “Charlatan-in-Chief” is Unjustified

President Donald Trump delivers a statement on the Iran nuclear deal from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

I enjoy reading The National Herald’s opinion pages and reading the columnists’ points of view. As a Republican voter and graduate of the Wharton School, same as President Trump, I read Constantinos Scaros’ column with great interest. However, I believe his ongoing defense of this repugnant and self-serving demagogue is unjustified.

Senator John McCain is a war hero by his actions and imprisonment during the Vietnam War. He refused to be released unless and until the men who preceded him in prison were also released, even though he was being tortured. Trump, during that same time, had dodged the draft thanks to his parents. Not once has he apologized to McCain.

Yet, we now have a certified coward as commander-in-chief, a bigoted fool who has the intellect and vocabulary of a fifth-grader. This “leader of the free world” has proven again and again that he can’t spell simple words correctly, has the attention span of petulant and uncontrollable child, and character of a snake. This has nothing to do with outside forces or “haters.” It’s simply who Trump is as a human being, and it makes those who care about commonly-accepted sensibilities vomit. This is how an ignorant and ungrateful product of privilege behaves, and Mr. Scaros apparently finds it acceptable. I do not.

Unless one is living under a rock, or impaired by a degenerative brain disease, clear scientific evidence shows the earth is warming and greenhouse gases are the cause. Yet, this man has denied it. He simply doesn’t believe in “science.” Any thinking and rational human being knows that medical science is what keeps us alive when faced with a traumatic disease in a hospital. Science has made our automobiles infinitely safer to drive and flying to have an outstanding safety record, sent men to the moon, and put cell phones with infinitely more computing power than the lunar lander in our pockets. He apparently only likes “science” when he can derive some specific personal benefit from it.

Further, to quote Michael Bloomberg: “throughout his career, Trump has left behind a well-documented record of bankruptcies, thousands of lawsuits, angry shareholders and contractors who feel cheated, and disillusioned customers who feel ripped off. Trump says he wants to run the nation like he’s run his business. God help us.”

So please tell us, Mr. Scaros, exactly who wants to enter any agreement with the United States if this guy can subsequently just come along and rip it up? Can you rip up your mortgage note, lease on your car, school loans, credit card debt, etc., because years later you feel you got a raw deal? Our economy would be in shambles because nothing could be enforced. Yet, this is how the charlatan-in-chief operates.

Trump promises something specific to a bunch of high school kids in Parkland, FL, whose classmates were murdered by a total crackpot, then blesses the NRA at their annual meeting. Of course, all those “good guys with a gun” were stripped of their firearms by the Secret Service to be present at the meeting with the President…utter hypocrisy or ultimate reality? Get this: good ol’ liberal Massachusetts has the toughest gun laws in the country and lowest homicide rate. Do you think there’s any connection there? Or, are you still in denial about the mathematical science called “probability and statistics?”

President Trump, how many lies can you tell us about your taxes, how you dealt with Russians, the prostitutes in your life, size of your inauguration crowd, and other easily verifiable false and misleading “facts” you purport to be true? How is it, Mr. Scaros, any of this is defensible? The truthful answer is that is isn’t.

Oh, golf anybody? How many times did we hear about Obama’s excessive golfing proclivity from Trump? I believe Trump has now out-golfed Obama by something on the order of three-to-one.

Granted, the president has had some remarkable political accomplishments, including progress with North Korea. But at what great cost and harm he does these things because his self-inflicted egotistical propensities never allow truth to see the light of day.  And, those in his immediate orbit are apparently infected with his twisted untruths. Why is it Rudy Giuliani once prosecuted the activities he now enthusiastically endorses?   And, watch closely as Sarah Sanders, Trump’s puppet who reminds me of Miss Piggy, a real puppet who was at least controlled by a skilled puppeteer, trips over her own feet trying to explain the inexplicable. At least Kermit and Miss Piggy are funny.

The kakistocracy Trump has created has become unbearable to reasonable people and threatens incalculable damage to the United States in the long term. A majority of his cabinet secretaries are utterly incompetent and have no experience in the positions assigned to them. The “No Prior Experience Possible” title, Mr. Scaros, (can’t be assigned to their positions, because it is not only possible, but essential, for these folks to have vast experience in the departments under their care. It is Trump’s job to assure that happens, yet there is no vetting or competency done, never mind a standard of excellence he incorrectly purports to require. Wouldn’t a competent VA administrator need a hospital administration background as a minimum requirement, or is this too much to ask? Instead, jokers, freaks, blood-suckers, incompetents, and con-artists abound, and there’s no sign of anything changing.

One not need be a Trump “hater,” Mr. Scaros, to perceive things are terribly amiss, and understand the source of these problems.

Thomas A. Frangos is a real estate developer/builder currently developing affordable housing solutions for retirees in metro Boston.


  1. Thank you, sir, for taking the time to share this thorough and eloquent piece. Not sure I’d count those North Korean chickens yet.

  2. I agree with tougher gun laws where one we need to renew their gun permit every year and get clearance from a physician going through a psychological test. Too many states selling guns to anyone ! And the parents should face the same charges as the shooter if they leave their guns laying around. Schools should have armed security just like court houses have. As far as anything else the author writes about the President, it is his opinion only and I don’t agree with any of it! Senator McCain is doing everything in his power to undermine the presidents policies which are effective in any logical persons view. This is payback for the cruel way Trump treated the Senator. He should put the countries interests first. I applaud Trump for not accepting personal attacks on his character and for fighting back against the media’s bias. The only paper where you can get the truth is this one your on now and I think Mr. Scaros is an excellent journalist .

  3. The nation of Trojan Horses is somehow qualified to lecture others on charlatanism?

  4. I understand and respect your feelings, if you’re a Republican; but to praise and defend this president is quite a paradox!

  5. Thank you , Mr. Frangos, for your service to your country….and in so eloquently, and thoroughly sharing your indictment of Mr. Trump! You sure showed Mr. Scaros, the error of his ways! And who better ….than someone who has received a masters degree in business from a prestigious business school! Additionally, you apparently, are also speaking in behalf ….of your favorite secret society, lobbyist and corporate sponsors of those politicians who prostitute themselves every day ….to enforce the policies, both domestic and foreign that represent the interests of un-elected billionaire aristocrates!

    Mr. Frangos…speaks as a Republican to make his case against Mr. Trump….when in fact, his diatribe….is more reflective of the Global alliance group..who support Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker, Marco Rubio, Bush family, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc etc….who have distinguished themselves in promoting and misinforming the American public…to wage wars in the Middle East …allegedly to fight terrorism, when in reality, has resulted in the overthrow of 5 legitimately elected Governments of the middle east and still working on four other governments ….Syria, Iran, Yemen and Russia!

    Importantly, this group has raped the treasury of the United States in violation of International laws, and representing crimes against peace and humanity, to fund there global plans, in support of radical white supremacist.billionaires with a lot of financial liabilities , including , a debt to the people of America of over 26 trillion dollars..with little regard for the consequences of their actions to the people and lives of those countries destroyed!

    However, I also have a masters degree in finance from a prestigious school…. but also, one of the 78% of Americans who consider the ruling parties of our government corrupt thru and thru…as highlighted by Gallup poll conducted, in 2014, prior to the election of Donald Trump! These polls also indicated that only 14% of the U.S population trusted anything the alleged Free Press was spitting out….and I wonder why….when Mr.Trump reminded us …of the fact that the media were liars…. and distinguished themselves in joining John McCain and George Bush Jr. in selling a war in Iraq…all based on misinformation and lies, which resulted in the deaths of 600,000 Iraqis, and leading to the banning of George Bush Jr. and his cohorts from ever entering the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem by the Greek Orthodox clergy in a decree….indicting them for war crimes and crimes against humanity!

    Mr. Frangos… in supporting fellow Neocon John McCain….who hold the record for sponsoring 76 bills in congress to arm foreign terrorist sunni muslim rebels like ISIS, and Al Queda, who have committed more atrocities against Christians in libya, Syria and Iraq……..and has plenty of photo ops with these guys to prove it….but condemns Donald Trump for not calling John McCain a “War Hero”

    The only War Heroes in Vietnam…. were the ones who died for their country because they were dispensable
    Americans of a bunch of White supremacist Aristocrates ..who used them to murdered and injure 3 1/2 million inferior Vietnamese civilians…because they knew what was best for them!

    Mr. Frangos…I would recommend you read the Pentagon Papers issued by Daniel Elsberg – the Pentagon analyst, and commission by secretary of defense …Robert McNamara, who got more than he bargained for because it made ….your honorable John McCain … a war criminal! Many of those war heroes who died….were my friends !.

    What’s next …Mr. Frangos….are you going to resurrect another War Hero…..Lt . William Calley….who led a brigade of American troops in Vietnam..that systematically executed 600 civilians of a village and threw them into ditch….and included Men , Women and Children! How about condemming Donald Trump for …honoring another war hero…like George Bush Jr…by calling him a lier, ……you know for his sparkling contribution to America and humanity in Iraq!

    Mr Frangos….what you don’t mention….that one billion dollars spent by the C.I.A to recruit, arm , train Syrian Terrorist rebels to fight in Syria…. which was promoted and sponsored by the War Hero and republicans John McCain, Lindsey Graham and their democratic idol Hillary Clinton to overthrow the government of Syria….. were also responsible for murdering Orthodox and Catholic Christians in Syria!

    Importantly, a delegation of the Greek, Syrian, Coptic Orthodox and Catholic Patriarchs of Syria, met with John McCain, in Washington D.C. and demanded that the United States stop arming these terrorist, because they were committing genocide against their christian faithful in Syria! The war hero…was so furious, that his pet project….was getting resistance…that he shockingly walked out of the meeting!

    What Mr. Frangos….does not mention….one of the first order of business of Mr. Trump ….was to defund and terminate this fraudulent and criminal program supported by Mr. Frangos and his republican party!

    But lets see why so many republicans, like Mr. Frangos….continue their narratives against Mr. Trump ….in order to maintain what they have supported for the last 20 years….REGIME CHANGES of any government not compliant to the economic, political and military control of these Billionaire Aristocrats and their Neocon prostitutes!

    Where it all went wrong for Donald Trump….is when, he stated in his campaign platform the following;

    “I will not support the regime change policies of the establishment elitist, which has destroyed the countries of the Middle East, and has cost us billions of dollars, and we will not nation build, but build our country!’

    Additionally, I plan to improve relations with the Russian Federation!’

    Poor Donald…little did he know….while this was the complete opposite of Hillary Clinton….proven Nation Killer in libya, and Syria…. and publicly stated …enemy of Russia, this was not acceptable to the Global Plans of Mr. Frangos and the degenerate freaks of the Republic and Democratic party…who were fully prepared to act in a bi-partison effort by their billionaire sponsors to do exactly the opposite of what Mr. Trump promised his constituents.

    Therefore, hence the anti-Russian campaign of misinformation…which suggest collusion and meddling by the Russian federation, and has become a joke of most American….as to what next this corrupt government will accuse the Russians of doing! Importantly, as the compliant media spits out these narratives..;Mr McCain and his global fascist enterprise …have been able to justify…economic warfare on a level beyond even the cold war against Russia and anybody who has any association with Russia…and put American troops on the borders of a Nuclear Armed Russia…who can take us out in about 1 hour…something the media continues to suppress, not to alarm the public of the consequences of a criminal foreign policy!

    The investigation of Russiagate…has never been to bring truth…about how Hillary Clinton could possibly lose to this reality T.V. host, it is simply to destroy any relations with Russia…and to make them a boogeyman…in order to sell these enormous military contracts, and to silence anybody who interfered with their Global agenda …of overthrowng any independent country of the world…not compliant to the political , economic, and military control of the United States! For the millenium in the audience…it used to be called fascism! However, secret societies and Nationalist…like those in Nazi Germany……for the Glory of America!

    As far as the foreign policy of Regime change…what do you not understand….the confusion Mr. Trump has created in Syria……first,he publicly states ….that he will immediately be withdrawing American troops from Syria…which are there illegally….because ISIS has been defeated….and as promised in his candidacy…and then , one week later…. he changes his mind….and proceeds to support a hoax that the leader of Syria….was using Chemical weapons in a place called Douma, Syria. by bombing the people of Syria. All this without any evidence…and all reports from the Haque investigation…indicate it was staged by Al Queda operatives, within the White Helmets organization funded by the United States and United Kingdom!

    The new narrative ….is American troops will stay indefinitely, and appears to continue where they have failed, to overthrow the Government of Syria! I wonder who changed….Donnie’s mine!

    In reality, Mr. Frangos description of DonaldTrump, which is very accurate and demeaning, can be said of most of the degenerates of the Republican Party, and members of the democratic party, who for have unethically and criminally imposed and supported many of the same things Mr. Trump is quilty of….and that is the rub…for these elitist…and why they have added Donald Trump on to their regime change Policy…because , while like most Republicans, they are product of the priviledged…they just don’t like his cut …and is too much of a loose cannon…who is putting a face on how fascism acts…and how the government and media…systematically work together to promote the Aristocracy interests, not those of the average Americans!

    While I supported Donald Trump…it was always my concern that he would not deliver on his promises to clean out the swamp…and it now appears he has sold out, and become a part of the swamp! Unfortunately, no matter how he complies to the swamp…he will never be accepted at the table. Unlike the prostitutes in our government who are financially owned by these billionaires….Donald Trump really does need to make a living on the stipends of these degenerates! However, I like many Americans, really had no other choice…since, the alternative…was one of the most corrupt financial prostitutes in History!

    In executing his obligations. to offer reasons, that Donald Trump is unfit…Mr. Frangos merely indicts his party and their complicity in creating this monster.,,,,,

    The following is excerpt from Mr. Frangos letter in making a case against Mr. Scaro as follows, and merely highlights the hypocracy of his arguments.

    “The kakistocracy Trump has created has become unbearable to reasonable people and threatens incalculable damage to the United States in the long term. A majority of his cabinet secretaries are utterly incompetent and have no experience in the positions assigned to them.”

    Whose fault is this….. was it not John McCain and his congressional freaks who approved of these degenerates in the cabinet and most likely demanded their appointments…and include the following war criminals and deviates….

    John Bolton – unindicted war criminal = in lying to the American public and executing an illegal war and rape of the treasury of the United States to invade Iraq – Approved by the Congress of the United states.

    Mike Pompeio- Former C.I.A director and responsible for working with Al Queda Terrorist mercenaries to enact regime change in Syria .

    Mrs Halsey….Former C.I.A operative who oversaw the illegal Torture of non-combative civilians, and has been appointed by the Congress to be the New Director of the C.I.A.

    Mad Dog Mattis- his name speaks for itself…as to how well qualified he is …

    Nicki Halley….. You should be really be proud of her…she is scarier than Donald Trump…and has made a mockery of the United Nations and has made the face of America….as a Fascist empire!

    Mr Frangos….then proceeds to write, a glowing description of Donald Trump, which is basically a description of the famous….Mission Accomplished President George Bush Jr.and Republic unindicted murderer of 600,00O Iraqis, something , even Donald Trump has can’t take credit for…

    ‘Yet, we now have a certified coward as commander-in-chief, a bigoted fool who has the intellect and vocabulary of a fifth-grader. This “leader of the free world” has proven again and again that he can’t spell simple words correctly, has the attention span of petulant and uncontrollable child, and character of a snake. This has nothing to do with outside forces or “haters.” It’s simply who Trump is as a human being, and it makes those who care about commonly-accepted sensibilities vomit. This is how an ignorant and ungrateful product of privilege behaves, and Mr. Scaros apparently finds it acceptable. I do no.”t.

    Spare me your mantra of hypocrisy …which merely is complicit to supporting degenerate politicians and billionaires to simply eliminate anybody who interferes with their Global plans and agenda’s because, that is the only place left to conquer in their empire. While Mr. Trump, has failed me and humanity…I can say, that he has served the people of America by becomming President…since, out of desperation…the Ruling class has been exposed…in attacking Donald Trump! What is clear…..our democracy is managed by not elected members of our government, but wealthy oligarks…who control and manage America with based on the directives of a news media. that is systematically under complete control of these mainstream media…to spit out any Narrative that can fool the American people! However, their are serious issues , that all Americans are beginning to understand…and that the ruling party , doesn’t even conceal the lies, that they are spitting out….and that is even more threatening to the future of our democracy

    Michael Gianakos

    1. Michael Gianakos. You lost me man. Your blabbering is too long. Patience of a saint is needed to read the nonsense that you’re spewing. And those … they make less sense than your comment. Spare us your opinion. Mt Frangos is correct

  6. Don’t look at who’s delivering the message or in the manner he is delivering it Father because it will be disappointing. When we go to church we don’t go for the priest but for the message as we know there are good priests and not so good ones but the message should always be the same. This president as un-orthodox and as insulting he can get, is defending God, Christianity to an extent, at least more than his opponent and the previous president, is pro-life and is the only one who is standing up to crime and islamic fundamentalism. He isn’t polished and can say wreckless things but his results are far better than we’ve had in a long time if that makes any sense. He treats his staff the way I treat my employees, if I hire them to do a job and i’m not satisfied from what i’m getting, they are either moved to a different position or let go.

  7. Bob Karpodinis… Sorry, you are lost… but the truth is ….you will always be lost….when challenged by the truth! You know exactly what I am saying….and your ideological compliance to your party….does not allow you to understand!

    But let me help you….

    What part of my comments do you not understand…that part about….. a person representing Neocon wack jobs of the Republican Party who have been described by the Public ….as the swamp, fascist, establishment elitist., deep state and shadow government…can have the chops to highlight all the reasons why Donald Trump is a charlatan and unfit to serve office….while Mr.Frangos, in his eyes, praises the most disgusting member of our government ….John McCain as some sort of war hero and true and fit servant of our country!

    Please refer….to my comment on Mr. McCain, in the eyes of the public who is informed….which pretty much refutes that, however, if you still don’t understand…please refer to the Keating 5 savings and loan scandals , in which, another distinquished Republican…. was needed to bail the honorable John McCain from another criminal operation.

    But only unapproved followers of the cult called the Republican party….are accountable for alleged tax fraud or legal action? Today, Mr. McCain…who has more blood on his hands …than maybe anybody in the world, and has enjoyed being a Serial Killer of Nations …and today is suffering from the cancer of Conflict….is just one of the reasons, that Mr. Frangos …does not like Donald Trump!

    What part do you not understand….that while you and Mr. Frangos support the regime change of Mr. Trump…. you actively support the neocon and fascist policy of regime change of any country, based on the distortions and lies you spit out, who do not represent the interests of the United States.

    However, while you can recite all the same propaganda and political smear narratives which have been propelled by Hillary Clinton, lyndsey Graham, John McCain, and the rest of the swamp of republican elitist ever since Donald Trump campaign began to become the Republican Nominee for President, you no longer fool anybody…as to why Mr. Frangos, an alleged republican has …executed another attack on Mr. Trump!

    Let me help you again….Donald Trump won this election by attacking who Mr. Frangos and you apparently support…..Establishment Elitist, Swampster, Corrupt politicians who maintain a foreign Policy of wars and regime changes…..which were based on lies! Importantly, he had the audacity to say…who was responsible for this…George W. Bush Jr. , the idol of the wack jobs of the Republican Party. He then attacked Hillary Clinton…for her lies to enact another illegal …Regime change!

    Let me remind you….he said a lot about the Establishment Elitist Republicans…which were all true….but clearly angered the legends of the Republican Party….since, their ideology does not allow ….any criticism of their actions!

    He really…ticked them off, when he double downed on his accusations…and said the magic words that Mr. Frangos and you …do not want to understand….it was wrong to impose these Regime changes…and I will stop it! It was wrong …to allow these regime changes to create hostile relationship between the United States and Russia!

    Do you now understand…why Mr. Frangos hates Mr. Trump, and just can’t understand his blabber, which is foreign to him! You mean…we are supposed to be friends with the Russians, and we are not going to spending billions of dollars to continue to overthrow the infedels, who are not compliant to the Glory of America!

    In conclusion….my comments explain exactly, why you really hate Donald Trump! Not because he is not doing exactly what the Republican party is asking him to do! No, the International violation of laws in the bombing of Syria without any authorization, or evidence it was even justified, the tearing up of an International agreement with Iran…which was promoted by the wack jobs of the Republic Party on behalf of their financial masters of one of the many Jewish lobbies, and today, as expected , cancelling a summit with the leaders of North Korea. By the way….please refer to my comments on the Article about the Cancellation of the North Korean meeting, which is a result of some heavy lies another Neocon/fascist John Bolton, and if you need any additional translation, just let me know!

    The main point is that Mr. Frangos and you….are simply, willing participants to support everything John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton, Bush family and the rest of the Degenerates in the Republican party wish to impose on the American people and the world, and my problem with Donald Trump…is that he has sold out his constituents, and is doing exactly what the NeoCons in the Republican party have ordered!

    To this end, he has failed to drain the swamp of these corrupt people , which he claimed he was going to clean out, but filled it up!

    Mr. Trump is a dangerous man…who has demonstrated that he uses illusions and smoking mirrors to impose the policies of the swamp, now! But his antics…do not hide…what the real face of the Republican Party is ….something which they used to be adept at!

    Sorry for the Blabber, and length to help you…but maybe you could put more that 5 words together to defend your empire!

    Michael Gianakos

  8. Michael you always make for good reading. I enjoyed your responses and respect your opinion. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump cannot drain the swamp as he intended to because he is practically going at it alone. I don’t think he realized how evil the people around him on both side really are, and how entrenched they are with special interest groups. Not the Trump is an angel and isn’t without fault, but he was our best chance for real change and they are fighting him from every angle. For the most part he has kept most of his promises against all odds

    1. You are not alone Nikos…in your assessment… especially……to the point…that Donald Trump did not realize how evil the people around him are, well, neither has the general public! It is one thing for the Public to express in Gallup Polls …that 78% of American consider their government corrupt thru and thru, and only 14 % of the population trusts mainstream media, but they have no idea of the depth of the treachery of this government….. which has now reached Degenerate levels of conduct, all based on retaining power and greed, without any thought to the consequences of their actions. If any Greek Orthodox Christian had any doubt about whether their was a God, then , just look at all the evidence of evil based on core values of a Devil! Yes , their is a God….and when the public starts returning to common sense Christian values….. which are being desensitise everyday….they will hopefully begin to actually love their neighbors….and free up their concious…and not ignore obvious atrocities being committed in their names!

      Sadly…you are right…no president could ever envision….that an International Aristocracy of the richest counties of the world …..have collaborated to systematically take control of every part of their governments and make the media their private toy to elect their stooges, and sell their wars!

      The bizarre actions and policies we are witnessing….without debate, are more alarming , since, we are seeing a new stage of fascism…where it doesn’t even matter , if you catch them lying….they just ignore us…and move on …with even more resolve! Basically…they feel they have complete lock down, and we are impotent to stop them!

      Yes, for some the jury has made a decision…on the intentions of Mr. Trump….. their is still those who think a coup has already been enacted…and that we are actually…under a junta…with a gun pointed a Mr. Trump. If you haven’t noticed….C.I.A operatives are being appointed to mainline policy departments

      It remains to be seen….since, right now …there are some big countries ….losing Patience!

      Michael Gianakos

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