FYROM: a Solution, but What Kind?

FILE - FYROM's Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, left, speaks with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (AP Photo, FILE)

It is clear that Greece is being pressed to accept a solution to the name of FYROM in order to allow that nation to enter NATO and to prevent Russian leader Vladimir Putin from causing more problems for the Western alliance.

And while a solution to this problem is in Greece’s best interest as an end in itself, given the serious problems Greece faces regarding Turkey, let us bear in mind that a bad solution can plague Greece for many years. …

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  1. TNH….

    The informed public…. watches as you dutifully follow the Nato Script….of blaming Russia for everything…and now….you blame the Russians for making Mr. Tsipras …the vassal state of the leaders of Nato….The United States and United Kingdom to accept an alternate name for the former republic of Yugoslavia…which may not satisfy or comply with returning the fully trademarked name of Macedonia to Greece!

    The reality sir…is that ….in violation of Agreement with Russia….Nato continues to expand closer to the Russian Federation, and in hostile fashion! All Nato is accomplishing is to take away the sovereignty of the countries they add to their list…which is basically accomplished by installing Puppet members of a ruling party…who will be compliant to the United States and United Kingdom!

    What Mr Tsipras is demonstrating….that in the interests of Nato…the interests and rights of the people and sovereignty of Greece.are fully relegated to the ownership of Nato and the United States!

    If the resolution of the Macedonian Name …is not completely compliant to the people of Greece…then Mr. Tsipras should impeached and removed from office. Simple as that!

    Tell Nato ….to put the pressure on the current FYROM, who are merely a creation of Nato in the dismembership of Yugoslavia, to accept the terms of Greece! This is a joke and should be an embarrasment to every Greek, in watching Tsipras …surrender another piece of Greek history and antiquities which we have witnessed over the last 9 years to satisfy the EU and Nato!

    Just tell Nato…make a choice do you want to have Greece or FYROM as a member of Nato….because the minute Nato puts FYROM in as member….Greece goes out! No lost….today Nato has already demonstrated…that they have no plans to help defend Greece from their number 1 threat….Nato Turkey, not Russia!

    TNH…will continue what the informed pubic knows….are the scripts of the United States and Nato …to sell their wars and war crimes and to forment hostilities with the Russian Federation….because they represent threats to the U.S. global agenda along with China! You see….an enemy of the United States is anybody who is not compliant to their economic, political and military control….and Russia is not! An enemy is any country not impotent to defend themselves against a fascist empire …and who challenges the conduct and brutal foreign policies of the United States! At the end of the cold war….Russia was more than happy to join Nato…but is was Nato itself that would not allow this ….because, the last thing the United States wanted was a country in Nato, who could not be threatened or blackmailed into doing what ever the United States dictated. That is the reason ….TNH…. continues to make Russia a Boogyman.

    So when you hear your favorite degenerate in the U.S government say ….the economic sanctions and hostile actions by Nato can all go away…if they just act in a manner which supportive of all the international actions of the United states! In other words…surrender your sovereignty to promote your economic and political interests to the United states…just like Greece!

    The Greeks of Greece…. to stand up and make Mr. Tsipras understand….his failure here…is complete justification for removing him and his ruling party from Greece! If he can’t resolve this….then Greece will be shamed again! And then you will wine…about how Mr. Edrogan is violating your airspace, and threatening to take over greek islands…while Nato remains silent! Wake up…Nato is a Myth!

    Michael Gianakos

    Michael Gianakos

    1. I share your concerns about what moves Turkey might make, and your desire to have NATO to pull back from a new Cold War with Russia. But remember that for Russia, support of Greek interests is currently low on its list of priorities.

      Here are headlines from recent stories on Russia’s rt.com:

      “US diplomat urges Macedonia, Greece ‘to seize moment and resolve’ name dispute”–March 13, 2018. “Macedonia’s accession to NATO could have negative effects for regional security – Moscow” –March 20, 2018. “Macedonian PM meets Tusk, says expects date to start EU membership talks soon”–April 27, 2018.

      The text of those Russian media stories all routinely give the name of Greece’s northern neighbor as “Macedonia.” This shows how isolated Greece is diplomatically on the naming issue.

    2. Mr. Sakelaris …forgive me, if I have not communicated properly my concerns to you….and will clarify as follows:

      No one cares about the name of the former Yugoslavia republic….only the Greeks and the political stooges of Nato! Forget…about the media…they only use it to support Nato expansion and do not report the significance of the deliberate and scandalous use of the Greek Macedonian name to bring credibility and legitimacy to their fraudulent republic of the United States!

      Keep in mind, it is Nato that recognized these guys….after dismembering the real country of Yugoslavia!

      I do not defend Russia…merely use them to make the point….that Nato is a myth….protecting the sovereignty of its members, when it is merely securing the sovereigny of its members for the interests of the leaders of the United States and United Kingdom to gain economic, political and military control of any independent countries

      Let me explain…in the 1920’s in Chicago and New York….Organized Crime families were described as “The Black Hand”. They were feared by the populace and legitimate business establishments….because they would send out a letter to legitimate business owners marked with a black hand. They would be told ….that they did not realize it, but they were threatened by dangerous people, who could harm them. Therefore, they offered to protect them, from these illusionary enemies, but they would have to pledge allegiance to the Black Hand and provide some financial tribute for their protection. If the owner of the business did not comply….and reject their concerns…he would be bombed, to demonstrate why he needed to turn over his business to the Black Hand! The end result was that all legitimate business had to put themselves under the control and allegiance to these gangsters!

      Now you know, why all these Nato members ….responded to the fascist regimes of the United States and United Kingdom to evict Russian diplomats from their country for a proven Fabricated and false charge that Mr. Putin had poisoned a double agent spy , who had been released 7 years before by the Russian Federation! All evidence refutes this identification of Russia as the purveyor of this poinson! Importantly, with out any evidence, other than , a belief by the British authorities…the vassal states complied with the empire , and dismissed their Russian diplomats! To Greece’s credit they did not join in….as would nobody…..who had any integrity!

      Now you know , why Nato is so interested in Fyrom, and why they expect Greece to comply with whatever Nato says….and only Mr. Tsipras can demonstrate this to the people of Greece, by simply not accepting any name that has any connotation to Macedonia! If Nato moves ahead and makes FYROM a member of Nato, then you know what I mean!

      The next step… for Mr. Tsipras is to break all diplomatic relations with Nato and FYROM, and accept the fact that Nato will gain nothing by making FYROM a member of Nato, when they lose one of the most important members of Nato… Greece!


      Yes. Mr Sakalaris……Greece is alone…and than God….the minute they have some financial assets…then we better start worrying! Only money matters…nothing else.

      As for Russia….I hope Greece developes a strong relationship, since, only their membership in Nato prohibits any real interest or support by Russia.

      However, if Greece, as a member of Nato , participates in the comming war the United States is attempting to provoke….they will be crushed by the Russian Federation as will most of the balkans in about 60 hours. That is the understated power of the Russian Military which is geared to specifically fight a conventional war in the European Theater.
      That is the assessment of military leaders of Nato….not me!

      Something the media and there masters fascist of the U.S government hide from their vassal states, in order to threaten Russia, to be a good servant of their regime!
      Michael Gianakos

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