Reenvisioned: The Color and Design of the Parthenon Frieze

NEW YORK – The Hellenic-American Cultural Foundation (HACF) presents The Color and Design of the Parthenon Frieze at the Rubin Museum of Art, on Thursday, June 14, 2018.

Follows HACF’ press release:

“Pavlos Samios, renowned Greek artist and professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts, will present a short film and discuss the composition, scale, colors, and techniques used in the frieze of the Parthenon. Having studied the frieze for many years, Samios suggests how it would have been in ancient times and how the Greeks envisioned and created the decorative tableaus of the magnificent temple built in honor of the city’s patron deity Athena.

“Pavlos, after graduating from the Athens School of Fine Arts and starting his career in Athens, moved to Paris where he received international acclaim. Upon his return he explored how to combine traditional techniques with contemporary concepts. In 2000, he was offered academic tenure at the Athens School of Fine Arts to lead the lab of Byzantine Art and Traditional Techniques.

“Samios’ work has been shown in over 75 solo exhibitions internationally, including Athens, London, Paris, New York, Boston, Hanoi, Beirut and Nicosia. His work can be found in several museums and private collections around the world, and he has painted numerous chapels using the fresco technique.

“He is also a well known portraitist and his portrait of Maria Callas is displayed at the Metropolitan Opera House here in New York. A reception with Pavlos Samios will follow the program. The program and reception are free of charge, but please note, only registered attendees will be admitted to this event. No walk-ins will be permitted.”