Letter to the Editor: On the Archdiocese Investigation

To the Editor:

The memo written by Bishop Andonios to the Archdiocese staff regarding a forthcoming investigation by the New York State Attorney General recently printed in The National Herald strongly confirms our worst fears.

A. Dangerously inept individuals operate the Archdiocese; the fact the “Archbishop” allowed Andonios to write staff and give them what amounts to legal advice is disturbing. When being investigated do not give legal advice, memorialized by email to other potential subjects. Lawyers do. Based on his sloppy record of cover-ups and gross mismanagement, it is my opinion Andonios is not qualified to wash dishes at a diner let alone issue legal directives. While none of us know whom this investigation may target, (in the end perhaps nobody) it should be noted that basic legal safeguards are always utilized by organizations that are being investigated, whether large corporations or tiny family businesses.

B. By some accounts, Jerry Dimitriou may have grown arrogant and abrasive over the years. However, the implication that whatever financial malfeasance may have occurred at the Archdiocese is limited to him is difficult to imagine. Indeed, the hierarchy and the clerics at the Archdiocese control everything, even the most minuscule functions as demonstrated by the issuing of an awkward legal directive to staff by an idiot. Clearly, anything of importance Dimitriou did was reviewed and approved.

C. The issuance of a subpoena indicates the court has been presented with an accusatory instrument that the District Attorney wishes to further examine. While we don’t know the full implications, we do know an investigation of a serious nature is underway- an investigation the Archdiocese cannot quash.

The faithful that donated money to the St. Nicholas building fund deserve full accounting of all monies and a fair and transparent investigation. The Greek Orthodox community in the United States is at a crucial crossroads, which may very well affect future generations.

Many are understandably upset. But we should also hold judgment until all facts are presented and an investigation is completed. I urge and frankly beg readers not to abandon our churches at this point. Yes, there has been plenty of incompetence and mismanagement at the Archdiocese but that doesn’t mean criminal acts have occurred. Thanks to civil authorities we may now find out the truth.

Thomas Bletsas

Brooklyn, NY


  1. Faithful stewards of the Greek Orthodox Church in America deserve to know how their hard-earned money is spent by the Archdiocese and each Metropolis. NO EXCUSES!

  2. Paying off pederasty lawsuits. Churches established after the archdiocese was founded in 1922 can all be sold under charter revision. The RC are selling churches all over the place. And yet it continues. One brother of an priest multiply exposed on pokrov, a roving geriatric altar boy, goes to the orphanage to recruit altar boys for his pleasure. You think all the eframissas who coddle the altar boys will not be personally liable? Greeks so love Sarbanes, well, schadenfreude, when all ex-board members will be found liable under Sarbanes Oxley holding ignorance to not be an excuse. A board member may no longer be excused for not knowing. Bye, bye, diner. Bye, bye, philoptochos donors! A pa pa, na sou vraso ton papa! Back to Greece, every one, where they can hurl kata syntheke pseudoi at each other just like the old days. The whole idea of molesting children goes back to the Spartan military.

    1. Can someone translate both the Letter to the Editor and the above comment into English, so we can understand ?

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