Letter to the Editor: On Greece and Turkey

To the Editor:

I am writing about the article “Greece and America Common Interests with Regard to Turkey” (Apr. 21). This moron Turkish president and his moron Grey Wolves. They attack Syrian Kurds who are our ally in Syria. They claim 15 Greek islands belong to Turkey. He openly demanded a revision of the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923. Turkey is an enemy of Greece and the United States. He believes he is a modern sultan reviving the Ottoman Empire. NATO and the EU better wake up and smell the bacon and realize Turkey is a dangerous enemy.

Andy Lampros

Danvers, MA


    1. Our concerns about Turkey are real and justifiable. If you do not like this letter’s appearance here, perhaps you will suggest just which other forum should be used.

  1. Maybe the forum ….is called the Criminal court at the Hague…or the UN commission on high crimes!

    This is Hilarious….. the common interests of Greece and America…..as it relates to Turkey! There are no common interests….while Mr. lambros correctly identifies the offenses of the Turkish fascist regime, who happens to be an ally of the leader of Nato….he fails to mention, as an ally of the United States…Turkey is allowed to ethnically and religiously cleanse Greek Cypriots from Northern Cyprus, and maintain as a member of Nato, the occupation of Cyprus despite 3 UN resolutions that they be removed by Nato from Cyprus!

    He fails to mention…that as an ally of the United States….he has cooperated in arming, recruiting, funding and allowed Sunni Muslim religious jihadist called ISIS, Al Queda, Al Nustra and anybody willing to kill Christians and muslims of Syria , in order to represent the interests of the United States and Israel to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria.

    He fails to mention……that as an ally of the United States….in cooperating with United States Interest…he was allowed to purchase oil from ISIS controlled oil fields in Iraq and Syria, which not only provides ISIS with the funds to pay the salaries of their jihadist armies, but get oil at a very cheap price!

    He fails to mention….that as an ally of the United States…he even shoots down Russian planes fighting ISIS on the borders of Syria and Turkey, and now they even allow Turkey to invade Syria…to murder, another alleged terrorist proxy army of the United states…because they are considered terrorist to Turkey!

    If you don’t understand by now …..what a butcher job the United States has done on the Middle East to represent their interests with Turkey…..then you should just continue to read the articles of the alleged free press….and feel good about what you believe!

    So….are these all the common interests that Greece enjoy with the United States.relationship and Nato member Turkey?

    It is delusional to believe ….that the United States shares a common interest with Greece….the only interest of the United States in Greece…is that they be a compliant member of Nato and the leadership of the White Supremacist fascist regimes of the United States and United Kingdom…who are in the mist of wage economic, political, and military war thruout the world …if you haven’t noticed…to remind the world who is boss!

    The only interest in Turkey…is that they remain compliant to the Empire….and that is now in question, not because of their threats to Greece or Cyprus…..but because their number 1 enemy to their plans of world dominance, Russia, is the enemy to the United States, and why they have worked so hard to sell Europe on making an enemy of Russia, in order for Russia to surrender their sovereignty to interfere and criticize the disgusting and brutal foreign policy of government overthrows ot the countries of the world ….not compliant to the rule of the United States billionaires!

    .Understanding this….the current tensions with Turkey….have to do with the fact that they do not any longer cooperate with the United states….by being a part of a peace process in Syria…which is bringing peace to Syria…this alliance includes Russia, Iran, Turkey…but not the United States! While, you would think this is a good thing…..the United State empire can only certify peace, in a country they are already illegally occupying!.

    Understanding this….the current tensions with Turkey…. have to do with the fact that the Turks have ordered batteries of Russian S-400 anti- ballistic missile systems from Russia, since, they are regarded as far more effective than the Patriot anti- ballistic missile system which are not in the Interest of the arms contractors of the United states…. To this point, they have threatened to cancel all order of 100 F-35 airforce fighters to Turkey. And the Press …will tell everyone…it is in response to the actions of Turkey against Greece! Right

    If Turkey complies with the demands of the Fascist Regime of the United States to control the sovereign rights of any country to buy from whoever they wish….then Turkey will not only get their advanced fighters from the U.S. but the entire Patriot anti aircraft missile system! Would the writer consider this a common interest between the United States and Greece!

    Say what you want about …. Mr. Edrogan…..and his fascist plans….which are absolutely highlighted by Mr. lambros….. you have to give him credit! Anybody who defends his sovereignty and the rights of his country to promote their interests, not those of foreign countries….. is to be admired!

    Maybe, if Mr. Tsipras ….did the same…… and clearly demonstrate the sovereignty of Greece, and being less cooperative to the United States and Nato interests…just maybe ….Macedonia….and the identity theft of the name by the former Yugoslavia republic…would have been resolved already! Maybe…. those F-35 going to Turkey would be going to Greece! Maybe…. the reunification of Cyprus ….would become reality!

    Their are no common interests with the United States….only those that represent compliance to their interests which right now is representing the Interests of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and United Kingdom! An if you haven’t noticed…is a campaign to make Russia impotent to their control….and Turkey is one of their best stooges, and that is being threatened!

    Michael Gianakos

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