What the Heck is Erdogan Up To?

FILE - Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in full military combat uniform, waves from a helicopter as he visits Turkish troops at Ogulpinar border gate with Syria, near Reyhanli, Hatay, Turkey, Sunday, April 1 2018. (Kayhan Ozer/Pool Photo via AP)

What motivates Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan? Why has he chosen to dangerously escalate his verbal threats and provocations against Greece?If political leaders in the United States or Europe were even remotely concerned about the potential for war between Greece and Turkey, they would have called on the massive brainpower contained in Western think tanks, parliaments, or foreign ministries to deal with the issue. They haven’t done so. When Western foreign policy experts talk about Turkey, they only discuss problems …

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  1. How does this former U.S ambassador to Qatar and member of a business counsel of the government of Qatar…..act like he doesn’t know what the heck Mr. Edrogan is up to!

    This ambassador to what is acknowledged as one of most great sponsors of Terrorism in the world…and in particular in arming, funding, recruiting with his other Sunni Muslim brothers from Saudi Arabia, and the UAE…the most heinous degenerate Sunni Muslim brigades called ISIS, Al Nustra, Al Queda, and Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the non-dominated Sunni country of Syria, and commit genocide against Christians and Shia Muslims under the protection of Dr. Assad of Syria. In recent spat between Qatar and Saudi Arabia……because Qatar was making friendly advances with arch Shia Muslim country of Iran, the Royalty of Saudi Arabia….like the snake they are….threw Qatar under the bus…and publicly told the world …that Qatar was the prime funder of terrorism in the Middle East!

    Apparently, the Honorable Mr. Patrick Theros….never wrote an Article asking ..”.what the heck was Qatar doing in the Middle East! But then again….why would he.. with the rest of the fascist U.S. government tell the world what Qatar was doing , since, it would make Mr. Theros , a candidate for a war crimes Tribunal for his complicity in supporting Terrorist organizations killing Christians and Shia muslims in Syria , and breaking International laws against the Terrorist organization called ISIS, Al Queda, and Al Nustra.

    Why would Mr. Theros….. write an article of what Qatar was doing in the Middle East….which would indict him for complicity in maintaining a military base of the United States in a country …..considered to be State Sponsors of Terrorism!

    Why would Mr Theros…..write an article of what Qatar was doing in the Middle East…which would expose the degenerate plans of his employer …to overthrow any government of the Middle East , not compliant to the Mutual interests of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United States and United Kingdom! Unfortunately, it exposes the fact that these degenerates used Sunni Muslim Jihadist to do their dirty work!

    All Mr. Theros is doing…is to do what with the media they do best…. impune the credibility of any country that represent a threat to the Global plans of this fascist alliance of billionaires, to control the economic , political , and military of any independent country of the world!

    Mr. Theros knows exactly what Mr. Edrogan is doing….like Qatar….he is representing the interest of himself and his country…whether the United States or its Nato Vassal states like it or not.
    What are those interest …to demonstrate to the Arab world…. that the United States and its Vassal State Greece….. do not control the sovereignty of Turkey, and that they are now prepared to step forward as the undisputed leader of all muslims, in light of the Treachery that Saudi Arabia has inflicted on the muslim world , in support of Israel and the United States regime changes and wars! That is why….he told U.S. diplomats who told him …he could not purchase Russian anti ballistic missile systems …only US… The response was simple…..who do you think you are to infringe on the sovereignty of Turkey to purchase anything from anyone! Basically…they think the U.S. is out of its mind….and they are right!

    Today, Mr. Edrogan demonstrated this …by throwing out the Israeli ambassador…and rightfully so for the massacre of 60 protestors…. and rightfully so! More importantly for Mr. Edrogan, he has again demonstrated that the war is back on with Israel…and they will not support any war crimes by the State of Israel, which he knows and expressed ……the United States is accountable for all the actions of Israel!

    Its ashame that Mr. Tsipras….hasn’t separated himself from what the world now recognizes….a bunch of gangsters running an organized crime family of countries.

    Michael Gianakos

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