Hundreds Attend Event in Honor and Support of Fr. Kastanas

People of all ages at the event in honor of Fr. Kastanas. (Photo by the organizing committee)

ANDOVER, MA – Over 500 people of all ages and walks of life, from Arlington, MA, Lowell, and the Greater Boston area, attended a dinner held on April 29 at the Indian Ridge Country Club in Andover, MA, owned by Market Basket head Arthur T. Demoulas, in honor and support of Fr. Nicholas Kastanas.

Fr. Kastanas was priest of the St. Athanasius the Great Greek Orthodox parish in Arlington for 28 years, but was dismissed last July by Metropolitan Methodios of Boston.

The dismissal created turmoil in the parish, with the vast majority of the parishioners reacting via mass exodus, creating dire consequences for a parish that was one of the most promising in the entire Archdiocese. Some now attend neighboring parishes, such as Annunciation of Woburn, Dormition of the Virgin Mary in Somerville, Sts. Constantine and Helen in Cambridge, and others simply do not attend church services at all anymore.

Over 50 families removed their children from the St. Athanasius Greek School and established their own called Greek Group Tutoring, teaching the students Greek language, history, and culture. The local hierarch unsuccessfully attempted to ban the Group from marching in Boston’s Greek Independence parade on April 22; the prudent decision of the Federation of Hellenic American Societies of New England, led by Bill Kafkas, ensured that the children were included. At the April 29 dinner, the children said the Lord’s Prayer and chanted “Christos Anesti.”

Fr. Kastanas and his wife, Litsa, children, and grandchildren, were present at the dinner.

Hundreds of families attended a dinner in honor and support of Fr. Nicholas Kastanas at the Indian Ridge Country Club in Andover, MA. (Photo by the organizing committee)

Hundreds ran toward them and greeted them, hugging them, and many were crying. Kastanas also found it difficult due to the emotions to express a few words of thanks.

Speaking on behalf of the families, former St. Athanasius parishioner Despina Makredes said: “for those of us who know, Fr. Nicholas Kastanas, formerly serving as parish priest at St. Athanasius the Great in Arlington, MA, fully embodies the definition of goodness and character. Over the years, Fr. Nick has inspired his parishioners not only through his preaching but by his example of true goodness. Despite Fr. Nick’s outstanding reputation, last summer the Metropolis of Boston terminated his pastoral duties at St. Athanasius, for reasons that still have not been proven nor satisfy the majority of our parish body.

“Now, sadly, a vast majority of the parishioners have left the parish and are either attending other churches or not attending church at all… Many may not be aware that since his abrupt dismissal, Fr. Nick’s salary was terminated, his health insurance was taken away, his vehicle was confiscated, and his right to perform priestly duties was forbidden.

Additionally, his role as a well-loved professor at the Theological School in Brookline was also terminated. He has been abandoned by the Boston metropolitan and left with absolutely nothing.”


  1. The Laity are the bearers of the spirit! Bravo Paidia!!!

  2. Metropolitan Methodios is a wicked arrogant man prancing around in a black dress. He is an embarrassment to our community. The people stand with Father Nick, a true shepherd.

  3. For someone far removed from the events pursuant to Fr. Nick’s dismissal, it’s hard to believe there wasn’t just cause for the response of Metropolitan Methodios, whom I know to be an intelligent and honorable man. Is there more to this story than what we’ve been told or have been led to believe? Stay tuned.

    1. Honorable liar and thief. Does not follow rules and makes up his own. Wake up and see the truth about him. He did a dirty deed and snuck away to Greece. If he was correct in his actions why did he leave. Why run. Please give me a break. He holds himself higher then he should. Father Nick a true man of God and the people. Loved and respected by all except Methodios.

    2. The only just cause , is a half delusional Bishop, who’s had a vendetta against Fr.Nick and his family dating back generations. This Bishop has been in Power for 34 years and has denied a promotion to Archbishop twice do to health reasons, but every Sunday you see him running around in his Mercedes charging every church he goes to a fee to show up and fill his egotistical Dictatorship iron fist run way of supposedly leading the church… The just cause here are alternative motives to sell this church and line his pockets with more money. He has failed us as a leader and it’s now time for him to step down, the bs. Supposed Proof they came up with for evidence is borderline insulting and a perfect example of why the whole G.O.C is a mess. This Bishop collects $88,000 a year from 62 churches with no transparency on how its spent, yet he questions and destroys a community over a thousand dollars. He’s a hypocrite and makes me feel ashamed to call myself Greek Orthodox.

      He’s supposed to stand for everything good, everything beautiful about our religion. Yet he ignores 1,000 parishioners calling for parish council elections, crying pleading for their voices to be heard, 1,000 plus parishioners asking for an assembly begging for their priest back. … Nope to the Dictator Methodios he doesn’t care about 500 plus families, thousands of parishioners he blatantly ignores us and continues on as if nothing happened. This is disgusting and we will not let him get away with is. This is not midevil times, this is not a pre-internet world where you can hide everything. The peoples voices will be heard, we will not go away. WHAT KIND OF LEADER TURNS HIS BACK ON HIS OWN PEOPLE? WHY WONT HE HOLD A GENERAL ASSEMBLY? AND ANSWER THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! THIS MAN CLAIMS TO BE OUR SHEPHERD, YET HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT 90% OF OUR COMMUNITIES OPINION. HIS ” FLOCK”. WE are not his flock, if he ignores us, puts us down, we are not slaves! We the people built the church, we the people should have a say in every decision. Only God can judge. He has been made Bishop not to judge us , to serve us. And he is miserably failing.

    3. There is nothing honorable in Metropolitan Methodios. He is corrupt and immoral in addition to being arrogant and vain.

      His henchman as chancellor is a priest who has allowed other priests of questionable reputation to be shuffled between parishes rather than rooting evil out of the clergy.


    4. Metropolitan Methodios and Arch “Criminal” Demetrios have to be removed. They have sent the Greek Orthodox Church in America spiraling into an abyss. The church is doomed to failure as an organization under the leadership of despots likes these two for example. Boycott and hold back stewardship and see if these Bozos’ get the message. I have held back and am giving toward institutions that help people including St. Jude’s Children Cancer Research Hospital.

  4. Honorable? No Metropolitan/ Bishop in the history of the Boston diocese has had such jealousy and hatred in his heart for one of his brethren… a COWARD and still HAD NOT HAD the human decency to meet w Fr Nick, Presbytera and his children., before, during or after his order to remove God’s humble servant, Fr. Nick.Ντροπή του!!!

    1. Joanna you a right. Methodios has the worst qualities combined – he is a dictator and a coward. Like Hitler hiding in the bunker he does his evil deeds and then hides from his own people on a Greek vacation because he knows he would not be greeted with cries of axios. Only shame surrounds him in the eyes of his flock. This is assuming his toady creepy chancellor even shares half of what is happening in the world around him. God save us from immoral venal bishops like this.

  5. To me and to many parishners of St. Athanasius the Metropolitan is not an intelligent or an honorable man. If he was honorable he would have come to St. Athanasius and would have spoken to the parishners about his intentions regarding Fr. Kastanas. Instead, he allowed Fr. Ted Barbas and PC President Dean Ioakimidis to send reassuring emails to parishners me included, a couple of weeks before Fr. Kastanas was dismissed stating “these were runners” and that Metropolitan Methodios had no intention of dismissing Fr. Kastanas. If he was honorable he would have come to St. Athanasius and told the parishners of his decision to dismiss Fr. Nick himself instead of sending us a letter and then running off to vacation in Greece for a month. If the Metropolitan was an intelligent man he would have realized that the Parish Council was the cause of the “Turmoil” in our church and would have fired the ones responsible. If he was intelligent he would have realized what Fr. Nick’s dismissal would do to our church and our community. If he was intelligent he would have heard the objections and pleas of the many many parishioners and stewards of St. Athanasius and would have reinstated our beloved Fr. Nick instead of ignoring us.
    I’ve heard Methodios say many times that he was the Sheppard and we are his flock. Well, I see him as the Wolf not the Sheppard!
    To me Fr. Nick is the one who’s intelligent and honorable. He’s the Sheppard that has always taken care of his flock. He’s the reason we are still a #CommunityInUnity and that is why I will always stand by him and supporting him.

    1. Demetrios should intervene and so should the patriarch. However they are all part of the same hypocrisy!!!

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