Cyprus- U.S. Chamber of Commerce Honors Nicole Petallides at Gala (Vid & Pics)

The Cyprus- U.S. Chamber of Commerce honored Nicole Petallides Tsiolas with the Distinguished Merit Award at the annual gala in New York. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

NEW YORK – The Cyprus- U.S. Chamber of Commerce honored Nicole Petallides- Fox Business anchor, with the Distinguished Merit Award at the 2018 Gala in Manhattan.

Visibly moved by the honor and supported by many of her relatives and friends, Petallides warmly thanked the Greek American and Cypriot community for providing the principles she grew up with. At the same time, she also referred to the difficult road in her early years in the highly competitive TV news industry which required many …

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  1. National Herald, for years now your paper now web site have published articles on Awards, Banquets, etc etc for Greek Americans or Greeks that have emigrated to America…all these parties, events etc for People just doing their job either political, entertainment , sports, business, philanthropy etc. All the money wasted an ego praise should be used to help Ellas, we need $$$ €€€ for greece, even before the crisis, but now more than ever in every sector….I have been to fund raisers for other nations in one night they raised $14. Million..thats just one event in one city..many many of these events are held yearly…Yet Greeks Raise Pennies..enough trophies…more Funds For Greece.

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