Cyprus Urges Immediate UN Bid for Quick Peace Talks Restart

FILE - Cyprus Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides, right, and his Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias talk to the media during a press conference after their meeting at the foreign ministry in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Monday, May 7, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

NICOSIA (AP) — Cyprus’ foreign minister is urging an immediate U.N. bid to scope out prospects of quickly restarting moribund talks to reunify the ethnically divided island.

Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides on Monday hailed U.N. chief Antonio Guterres’ decision to task an official with figuring out whether conditions are again ripe for another round of peace talks.

Mustafa Akinci, the leader of the breakaway Turkish Cypriots, has also welcomed the move.

However, it’s unclear whether Guterres will dispatch a representative for contacts in the region before or after Turkey’s June 24 national election.

Numerous rounds of negotiations over more than four decades have gone nowhere. The most recent talks collapse was in July last year.

Cyprus was split in 1974 when Turkey invaded after a coup by supporters of union with Greece.

Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, left, and his Cyprus counterpart Nikos Christodoulides speak to the media during a press conference after their meeting at the foreign ministry in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Monday, May 7, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)
Cyprus’ Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides, right, and his Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias speak to the media during a press conference after their meeting at the foreign ministry in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Monday, May 7, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)
Greece’s foreign minister Nikos Kotzias, adjusts his glasses with Cyprus’ counterpart Nikos Christodoulides, right, as they speak to the media during a press conference after their meeting at the foreign ministry in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Monday, May 7, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)


  1. Nearsighted politicians
    Depend on statisticians
    But, farsighted statesmen
    Depend on their acumen.

  2. The only discussions that these foreign ministers of Cyprus and Greece should be having …is their plan B, if the Cypriot Turks cannot remove Nato member Turkey from Northern Cyprus, and the Greek Cypriots cannot remove Nato Member Britain from Cyprus!

    It is about time …they told the truth to the citizens of Cyprus…that their country is an occupied country of Nato, and that they have turned over the sovereignty of Cyprus to Nato members Great Britain and Turkey!

    It is about time…. they told the truth to the citizens of Cyprus …that they should accept the fact, that even if their was a reunification with Northern Cyprus….they will never have any sovereignty until they completely rid themselves of the White Supremacist government of England, and the other Nato country Turkey!

    It is about time… they told the truth to the citizens of Cyprus, that they are undeclared members of Nato!

    It is about time, and clear what the Greek Cypriots of Cyprus, .under these circumstances should do….. which is convene a referendum, like that which was done by the people of Crimea… who voted to be part of Russia, after their elected leader was removed by the Nazi party of the Ukraine, and now vote on joining Greece

    Reality…is whether the Greek Cypriots of Cyprus wish to be ruled by the White Supremacist racist governments of Britain, United States, and Turkey, who only want to use their country as merely a strategic military holding, or if they wish to be ruled by a country whose common religious and ethnic interests will receive far greater respect for the people of Cyprus! A United Greece and Cyprus!

    It is the Greek Cypriots of Cyprus ….who must demand this vote…..since, the ruling party of Cyprus, is very content with being a puppet state of Nato…..and they have proven that many times, allowing the continued occupation of Nato member Turkey and its abuse of the territorial waters of Cyprus , and the threats of invading the rest of Cyprus, anytime they wish….and why not…..their Nato brothers, have already demonstrated ….that the Cypriot independence and sovereignty agreement, was nothing more than toilet paper to them…and the Greek Cypriots of Northern Cyprus payed the price for their treachery, with their lives! They have allowed the occupation of Nato member Britain, and it abuse of people of Cyprus, by launching war crimes bombing of Middle Eastern countries on behalf of Nato… and jeopardizing the security and peace of the Greek Cypriot populations by possible catastrophic retaliation from those countries bombed by Nato!

    Today, the Turkish occupiers….violate the airspace of Nato country Greece, harass the airplane of the Prime Minister of Greece, threaten war to annex Islands of Greece in the Mediteranean, and invade the country of Syria! The response of Nato lead United States and United Kingdom…is to get angry at them for demonstrating their sovereign rights to buy Russian S 400 anti ballistic missile systems, not US armaments.
    They are so mad…that they might not sell them 100 F-35 air force fighters that they have agreed to purchase from the United States….which would ultimately be used against Greece and Cyprus! Now you know what control by Nato really means…. business and money for their military contractors! Now you know what their definition of sovereignty is ! Just think, if Turkey agrees to cancel their orders with Russia….not only will they get the F-35, but throw in the Patriot Anti -ballistic missile systems. What do you expect from a Fascist country…who can declare war on Russia over the annexation of Crimea…but reward Nato member Turkey for the ethnic and religious cleansing of Greek Cypriots of Northern Cyprus by building up their war machine…to finish all of Cyprus!

    If the Cypriots want to send a message to Washington and Ankara…. do what they and their White Supremacist leaders fear the most…. alliances which threaten their control and power!

    How special… Mr. Edogan ….. the last time Greece …had a major unification with Cyprus …was with a famous Greek Cypriot General ….whose impact sent the Turks back home from Greece!

    How special would this be…. Mr. Tsipras will be forced to demonstrate to the people of Greece….. if they have any sovereignty, or if they are merely just another occupied country of Nato reporting to Washington!

    Michael Gianakos

    1. You forgot to mention their proposed Anadolu aircraft carrier, six 214T ultra modern submarines, compliment of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, and the 354 Leopard tanks that their staunch
      German allies are supplying them.

  3. Turkey will never leave Northern Cyprus peacefully. Northern Cyprus has effectively been annexed to Turkey.
    Turkey is filling Northern Cyprus with mainland Turks to increase its population thereby preparing the justification in a greater slice of the hydrocarbons to be found in the seas around Cyprus.
    Europe is a silent watcher who will not provide a military force to get the mainland Turkish army off Cyprus.
    In the event of a a further invasion of Southern Cyprus by Turkey ,Greece will be at war with Turkey with some non Nato allies.Any initial territorial land losses to the Greek side will be recovered in the future course of events.

    1. You are correct Spiro, in saying that the NATO countries of western Europe will not help the Greeks of Cyprus in this dispute. Then you added mysteriously that if there is additional Turkish aggression on Cyprus, the Greeks will be aided by “some non Nato allies.” And you further state that “any initial territorial land losses to the Greek side will be recovered in the future course of events.”

      Please correct me if I am wrong, but are you thinking of Russia fighting alongside the Greeks? If so, you are also thinking of World War III. That is dangerous talk, and Russia likely would have other priorities in such a struggle that it would put ahead of anything involving Greeks. And those “initial territorial land losses” that you acknowledge will likely be very costly in Greek lives as well.

      The nations of Greece and Cyprus must be cautious.

      I think I have quoted this line from the US space program on here before, but it bears repeating: “There is no problem so bad that it cannot be made worse.”

    2. In response to John Sakelaris May 9th post

      let me help you answer, who the mysterious non – nato country that will aid the people of Cyprus, that Spiro is alluding to….however, I will do my best to comply with your demands for short postings as follows;

      Apparently, you haven’t taken notice of the regime changes in the Middle East, with the latest failed attempt in Syria by the new alliance of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom! Maybe you haven’t noticed….that this alliance is rather bizarre and deviate…since, it brings together the franchises of the organized crime families of the world to enforce a “Black Hand” foreign policy, which was practiced in the 1920’s by the Mafia, which punished legitimate business owners for not turning over control of their businesses to the mob….by bombing them, until they complied! You can look it up …for more detailed information!

      This alliance has one purpose ….that is to destroy anybody who gets in the way of their ultimate goal to prevent a Syrian, Iranian and Lebanon oil pipeline to the mediteranean, which would leave Saudi Arabia and their Sunni Muslim brothers from Qatar , Jordan, and Israel …kind of left out of the lucrative European markets. Hence, the wars on all non- Sunni Muslim government like libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Yemen who are not compliant to the Sunni Muslim gulf states, and are primarily secular or shia controled. Importantly, the alternate route would be thru Israel…and with the backing of the military of the United States would protect any pipe lines whose routes would include Jordan, Greece/Cyprus, Egypt, with Turkey possibly circumvented! Hence, like the leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein….Dr. Assad, the leader of Syria, he refused to allow any pipelines by Saudi Arabia and Israel, thru Syria…and hence, the gangsters from Israel and Saudi Arabia with the United States and United Kingdom…. let loose the most degenerate animals of Sunni Muslim Jihadist armies to overthrow the government of Syria….. and continue to support them by directly bombing Syria last week and having Israel continue to fire missiles on their airbases about two hours after the war criminal trump withdrew from an approved international agreement which preserved peace in the region. These degenerates for money and power are responsible for over 3 1/2 deaths in the Middle East and the ethnic and religious cleansing of thousands of Orthodox and Catholic Christians from Iraq, Syria, and libya!

      Which brings us to who is the secret ally that will aid Cyprus, in the event, that Turkey decides to attack the rest of Cyprus. Your answer….is right in the articles of TNH…. Israel claim stake in oil and gas findings in water of Cyprus, or Israel and Cyprus attempting to settle oil and gas disputes!

      Not only , will they provoke Turkey into attacking Cyprus, if they are not satisfied with the settlement with Cyprus which connects their oil and gas plans of Saudi Arabia and the United States, but then will follow normal protocal, which is to then suggest to the world , that , like the United States, we must come in and confront the Turkish invaders to protect the people of Cyprus , and then occupy, like the British to maintain their security!

      There is only one answer to this…. that is a referendum by the people of Cyprus to join and unite with Greece! Immediately, the arms embargo by the United States… gone,and the people of Cyprus will be under the military forces of Greece, not a bunch of White suppremacist murderers and criminals, whose only interest is to use Cyprus as a military base to commit war crimes and oppress the independence of any country not compiant to them. Secondly, being that Greece is an EU country…and in light of any agreements with Cyprus are extinguished…the other part of murderers row…Britain will have to leave Cyprus…and turn over the bases and remove their 3500 occupation troops. This should be easy….Britain is no longer a member of the EU, and has no rights withn EU countries. Thirdly,. instead of adapting the military parameters of Nato and the United States….they should begin adapting to the military parameters of our Spartan ancestry…which is small population without walls…. who no one dared to attack….neither Alexander the Great or the Great Roman Empire ever occupied Sparta…because the price they would have had to pay….would have threatened the rest of their occupations, win or lose! The new world according to Israel and the United States is …..MIGHT MAKES RIGHT!

      If the EU….doesn’t support Greece…then send the EU home! Greece does not need the EU…. they will never be a manufacturing economy built on war machines and other heavy facilities…and will never compete with the German rulers of the EU. Greece has something better to offer to the world…… the opportunity to enjoy life, which only Greece has perfected….if you haven’t noticed when visiting Greece! The EU needs Greece….and better start showing it! History will show….Europe has for the most part…left the burden of civilization to Greece….. and somehow those Hellenic values are still the foundation of most civilized countries of the world!

      Sorry for the long post….but you can’t say you don’t get your monies worth!

      Michael Gianakos


  4. So it is not to be Russia but Israel? And is this Israeli intervention on behalf of Cyprus and its energy and pipeline potential something that you actually look forward to?

    My concern about Greece and Cyprus becoming a deadly battleground still stands. All of the great powers, whether they be the ones you like, the ones you hate, and any that fall in-between have the potential to lead Greeks into a horrible war.

    As for forcing the British military to leave their bases on Cyprus, I am afraid that would require more than a vote, it would require shooting. I do not recommend trying that.

    1. What do you not understand…..the only question among the informed International community…is whether the United States is a State of Israel, or Israel is a state of the United States! Of course, Israel, not only on behalf of itself, and the United States would intervene to protect it oil and gas stake, that now make Cyprus, a point of interest for these honorable fascist countries. Since, 1974, their has been no wars or actions in Cyprus, in response to the illegal annexation of Northern Cyprus by NATO ALLY….Turkey, but suddenly, we have naval fleets from the United States, Turkey, and Greece off the shores of Turkey….as a result of oil and gas finds! All Nato members….involved in the affairs of non-nato member Cyprus! We now have ….Israel suddenly involved in Gas and oil rights in the waters of what Cyprus calls their property! All of a sudden….HALC , the satellite and un-authorized , self proclaimed representative of Hellenic society and merely, made up of the extremist right members of the Mason secret society, actively working with Jewish lobbyist of Israel to create some sort of strategic political alliance between Greece, Cyprus and Israel….. to “Solve Regional issues”

      So, your concerns about Cyprus and Greece….being drawn into a horrible war, are clearly accurate, unfortunately, they will have no choice, since, Israel and United States, when it comes to their oil and gas interests….their is no country in the world , that they are not prepared to forment war to take control of their governments and their resources. Turkey…was an ally of Israeli , Saudi Arabia, United States fascist governments, in the wars with Syria, Iraq, libya and Yemen by supplying and allowing thru their borders the Sunni Muslim brigades called ISIS, Al Queda, Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Nustra to stream into Syria to overthrow the government of Syria….where freedom of religion exists, in order to kill Orthodox and Catholic Christians who support Dr.Assad…. the leader of Syria! Unfortunately, the Turks have changed sides….and are attacking part of the Israeli and U.S proxy armies in Syria who are now trying to salvage their failed overthrow of the Syrian people’s government.! It is the Turks…who have exposed the war crimes plans of the United States, Israel , and Saudi Arabia…and using Sunni Muslim fanatics to serve their purposes of overthrowing all the government of the Middle East with oil and gas resources that are not compliant to Israel and the United States. Now you should understand….the Anti-Propaganda and campaign of misinformation that the compliant press, likeTNH ….. has against Russia, because, they have interfered in their global war crimes plans…. by aiding in the fight against these proxy armies supported by Israel. That is why, the western and Nato media have been so compliant to this campaign of misinformation, in order to punish Russia, with economic warfare…for simply, fighting the terrorist proxy armies of Saudi Arabia and Israel in Syria.

      So the people of Cyprus must come to grips…with the fact that the ruling party of Cyprus does not represent the citizens of Cyprus….and are merely vassal states of Nato members Britain, United States, and Turkey! Their record to date…is overwhelming proof!

      Yes, Israel is the only logical non- nato country who would possibly join Greece in a war with Turkey in Cyprus, but for no moral support…although they and the media will promote this , but to simply protect their financial interests in the gas and oil reserves of Cyprus! The problem …is that the Cypriots will not be dying in this war….for the defense of Cyprus, but for another foreign country, who wants a part of the sovereignty of Cyprus, and representing their financial interests!

      So Mr. Sakalaris…. if you wish to preserve the lives of Greek Cypriots, then you will call your favorite relative in Cyprus….and recommend that they demand a national referendum vote….to approve the Uniting of Cyprus with Greece, because, they will never be independent, as long, as the United States , Britain, Turkey, and Israel are involved! Joining Greece…would take care of the ruling party of Cyprus, who are corrupt collaborators with Britain, United States and Israel, and take care of the British occupation of Cyprus, since, it is not the problem of the Greek Cypriots but Greece! And to this end, the British must leave Cyprus…not only because they are not an EU Country, but in light of the fact that Greece is a Nato member…. there is no need for England to maintain a military base in Cyprus!

      Finally, Greece…should demonstrate their sovereignty, by opening business with Iran, Syria, Iraq, Russia , China, and every country who the fascist governments of the United States, United Kingdom, Israel , Turkey and Saudi Arabia with their fascist collaborators in the Media tell you….you must hate, and are your enemies! No, they are merely enemies of a White Supremacist Billionaires club who own their government and the western media!

      To prove this ….ask yourself…why do I hate Russia, Iran, Syria, Yemen, libya, Iraq, Afganistan, China, and North Korea.? The answer is simple….Non of these countries have bombed, invaded or overthrown the government of any country of the world over the last 30 years, only the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom have! Non of these countries …come close to threatening world peace in all polls of the countries of world …like the United States and Israel!

      Here is the New Narrative that you should be promoting….. How does this world confront the Fascist policies of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United KIngdom! Today, this group is going to punish the countries of the world….if they do not comply with the war with Iran!

      To understand this….the following is quote from the foreign Minister of France…in response to this Fascist alliance…..

      The government of France will continue to support the Iran agreement and continue to do business with Iran…. we will not be vassal states of the United States…and are not tied to their hip!

      It is time…..that people of Cyprus tell their government that….and join Greece.

      Michael Gianakos

    2. Turks looked for an excuse during the America’s 1974 Watergate Crisis that would allow them to create a narrative to justify their aggression that year. That excuse was a report of a coup among the Greeks on Cyprus. It was not really a fair or legal reason, but much of the world bought it and it has appeared in every AP news report that makes mention of those events.

      A vote among Greeks on Cyprus to unify with Greece will provide Turkey with another such excuse to do more horrible things. And would any nation stand in Turkey’s way? Maybe, but then again, maybe not.

      I again repeat my saying, there is no problem so bad that it cannot be made worse.

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