UN Sends American Envoy to Cyprus to Push Unity Talks

FILE - An aircraft takes position for landing at Larnaca airport as the moon rises in southern coastal city of Larnaca, Cyprus, on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

It’s been called a graveyard for diplomats and now American Jane Holl Lute, a former  US Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security, has been sent to Cyprus as a United Nations temporary envoy to try to restart unity talks that have failed for decades.

Lute, 62, was the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support, formerly also Assistant Secretary-General for Mission Support in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

She’ll take on the task of trying to get Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci back to the table after talks collapsed in July, 2017 at the Swiss resort of Crans-Montana when Turkey said an army on the northern third of the island occupied since an unlawful 1974 invasion would never be removed and that it wanted the right to invade again.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was a broker there but couldn’t get the two sides together and later issued a report issuing no blame to anybody for anything and now has sent Lute to take a shot at it after the former envoy, Norway’s Espen Barth Eide, gave up.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, which cited sources within the UN, the appointment was forwarded to officials in Cyprus and on the Turkish-Cypriot side, along with Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom, who are guarantors of security on the island.

Guterres is reportedly pondering whether to launch the fact-finding mission right away, or wait until after the elections in Turkey on June 24, the paper said. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who won’t recognize Cyprus and bars its ships and planes, is ramping up populist rhetoric for his campaign.

Cyprus is a member of the European Union that Turkey wants to join but as Erdogan has sent warships to block foreign energy vessels from reaching waters where they are licensed to drill for oil and gas as he had demanded a share of any potentially lucrative revenues and for Turkish-Cypriots to take part in the process.

Lute’s appointment came after Akinci said he was ready to accept a framework Guterres wants for the talks, details of which haven’t been made clear as all sides are keeping the negotiations secret from Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots.


  1. Is this a US attempt to appease Erdogan? Something to show that the US is trying to bring the Greeks into line? It is hard to know.

    Opinions of others on
    here would be good.

    1. It just doesn’t get better than this…… the undeclared member of Nato, Cyprus…is asking for help to confront the barbarians, and Nato member Turkey…representing a country who has distinguished itself in history, by being among those countries who have committed genocide against other religions and ethnic groups, by the United Nations!

      It just doesn’t get better than this….the undeclared member of Nato, Cyprus… is allowing an Anglo White Supremacist member of the United States government and former U.S Homeland Security administrator, and representing the reigning champions as……’ the Greatest Threat and danger to the Peace of the world’…. the United States…… according to International Gallup Polls of countries of the world in 2014 and 2018, and the greatest threat to Independent countries of the world not compliant to the United States, England, Saudi Arabia, Israel , and Turkey, and who have made a living out of dismembering and partitioning countries of the world for their Mutual interests… to again in secret, negotiate on behalf of the UN…. the rights and sovereignty of the people of Cyprus!

      The only other thing that could have been more insulting to the people of Cyprus from the U.N. ….is if they sent the last U.S. representative to the Cyprus talks…. Victoria Nuland, who is the famous orchestrator and coordinator in the overthrow of the Ukrainian government ….which is vividly highlighted on a You Tube phone conversation with the U.S. ambassador of the Ukraine 3 weeks before the Ukrainian protests in Kiev! Or maybe ,….. Geoffrey Feldman….. former state department coordinator and liason with the Sunni Muslim jihadist of Saudi Arabia.. …… who orchestrated the bombing with Victoria Nuland and Hillary Clinton of libya….and is an assistant to the Under Secretary General of the United Nations…Mr. Moon and now Mr. Guiterez. And I thought …it was the President of the United States, France and England….who work for the C.I.A.
      The ruling party of Cyprus has and always will be just a puppet government of Nato…and not enforce the rights and sovereignty of the people of Cyprus…both on the Greek and Turkish sides. Until the Greeks and Turks of Cyprus ….realize that they have never died for the interest of Cyprus , but those of Turkey, England, and the United States.

      To Prove this point…the following indicts the government of Cyprus, and recommends the only solution to the Greek Cypriots, if the Turks in Northern Cyprus cannot remove Nato from their side, and Greek Cypriots cannot remove the white Supremacist military of Nato Great Britain

      Really, why would you not give Mr. Tsipras a call, or the Madwomen May of Britain to help Cyprus! Do I need to remind, the ruling party of Cyprus….that according to the Cypriot Independence agreement of 1960…. aren’t the countries of Greece and Britain, both Nato countries obligated to guarantee the Independence rights and sovereignty of Cyprus?

      While the Ruling party of Cyprus…. appeals to the United Nations for help…do they not need to be reminded that this same body has done nothing to enforce 3 approved U.N. resolution to remove all foreign troops from Cyprus since 1974! While the wack jobs from Britain…have supported economic, political and military warfare against Russia for their alleged annexation of Crimea, they have hypocritically done nothing against Nato and fascist ally Turkey!

      While the Ruling Party of Cyprus… appeals to the United Nations for help… they allow Nato member Britain and guarantor of the sovereignty of Cyprus to commit war crimes bombings of foreign countries of the Middle East on behalf of Nato and the United States, in order to protect the civil rights of the civilians of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya etc etc. from the lands of Cyprus!

      It is about time …they told the truth to the citizens of Cyprus…that their country is an occupied country of Nato, and that they have turned over the sovereignty of Cyprus to Nato members Great Britain and Turkey!

      It is about time…. they told the truth to the citizens of Cyprus …that they should accept the fact, that even if their was a reunification with Northern Cyprus….they will never have any sovereignty until they completely rid themselves of the White Supremacist government of England, and the other Nato country Turkey!

      It is about time… they told the truth to the citizens of Cyprus, that they are members of Nato!

      It is about time….the Greek Cypriots of Cyprus ….under these circumstances should do….. which is convene a referendum, like that which was done by the people of Crimea… who voted to be part of Russia, after their elected leader was removed by the Nazi party of the Ukraine, and vote on joining Greece!

      The only people who would oppose this …. are the Aristocrates who love the status quo…to secure their power and money holdings, not the rights of the people of Cyrpus!

      Reality…is whether the Greek Cypriots of Cyprus wish to be ruled by the White Supremacist racist governments of Britain, United States, and Turkey, who only want to use their country as merely a strategic military holding, or if they wish to be ruled by a country whose common religious and ethnic interests will receive far greater respect for the people of Cyprus! A United Greece and Cyprus…is the only answer to the Nato empire of the United States and United Kingdom….who pride themselves on dismembership and partitions of countries…in order to keep them impotent to their control. Today, like Yugoslavia, in failing to defeat the people of Syria, and overthrow the government of Syria…they now go to Plan B…which is to partition Syria and set up a puppet government of Sunni Muslim Salafist Terrorist…who support the same principles of Saudi Arabia, and the other Sunni Muslim Gulf states who have funded the religious fanatics called jihadist in Syria…..which is “Freedom of Religion does not exist”
      Coincidentally, the U.S. coalition occupation force in Syria…currently maintains 30% of Syria…. about the same share of land that Nato member and collaborator Turkey….captured in their invasion of Cyprus!

      Reality…the Ruling Party of Cyprus has lied to the people of Cyprus…and it is time, to tell the British to get out, and the United States to back off, and not obstruct the will of the people of Cyprus! It is time to tell them, if we are going to be ruled by Nato….then let it be Greece, and let’s see if Turkey, and Israel will violated the water and land of Cyprus!

      However…their is one caviat…prepare to see the fangs of the most degenerate societies in human history expose themselves again! Soliciting that…would be the greatest damage to their myths!

      my opinion as requested
      Michael Gianakos

  2. Yes, thank you for your opinion. But it is usually best if comments are shorter than your long postings.

    It is not necessary to recount every injustice in the world in every comment.

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