Don’t Miss Hellenic Film Society’s Greek Film Expo 2018 Final 2 Days

FILE - Consul General of Greece in New York Konstantinos Koutras hosts reception for Hellenic Film Society, Greek filmmakers, actors. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

NEW YORK – Following several sold-out screenings in Manhattan, Astoria, and the first night in Manhasset, the Greek Film Expo continues with two more nights of great films at the Bow Tie Manhasset Theater.

Wednesday, May 2:
In English and appropriate for family viewing
Worlds Apart 9:15pm: SEATS STILL AVAILABLE
Award-winning, box office hit in Greece

Thursday, May 3:
Polyxeni 9:15pm  SOLD OUT
Multi-award winning film

Swing Away is being presented in English. All other films in Greek include English subtitles. More information and tickets are available online at:

Blue Queen

Directed by Alex Sipsidis

The aftermath of the theft of the fabulous Blue Queen diamond is examined from four different points of view, each change of perspective shedding new light on the story and adding more twists and turns to the level of intrigue.

Thursday, May 3, 7 pm – Bow Tie Manhasset Cinema.

Swing Away

Directed by Michael Achilles Nickles

A burned-out professional golfer flees to Rhodes to escape the public’s scrutiny. Once there, she finds romance and a whole new purpose to life.

Wednesday, May 2, 7 pm – Bow Tie Manhasset Cinema

This film is appropriate for family viewing.

SPECIAL GUEST: Producer George Stephanopoulos is expected to attend the May 2 screening.


Directed by Christopher Papakaliatis

Three different stories of Greeks falling in love with non-Greeks form the core of this stunning drama. The narratives connect at the end, revealing how deeply social crisis can affect private lives.

Wednesday, May 2, 9:15 pm – Bow Tie Manhasset Cinema.

This film, a major box office hit in Greece, was released commercially in the US in 2017.  This is the film’s first Long Island showing.

Hellenic Film Society USA program. Photo: Hellenic Film Society USA
Hellenic Film Society USA program. Photo: Hellenic Film Society USA