New Greek Space Agency Chief Out of This World

Greek-American scientist Stamatios Krimigis. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Georgia Panagopoulou)

Needing an instant replacement to head the Hellenic Lost in Space Agency after noted NASA scientist Stamatios Krimigis quit because he wouldn’t be used by the ruling Looney Left SYRIZA for political purposes, Telecommunications Minister Nikos “Don’t Want No Job” Pappas didn’t conduct a nationwide search, nor a European wide search.

He went inter-planetary and picked Christodoulos “Lost in Space” Protopapas, an engineer who apparently thinks he’s an astronaut and whose views are as far out there as Pluto – a …

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  1. “Athens (Houston)…..we have a problem” – Let’s set up another bumbling bureaucracy while our national treasury is empty, pensions getting slashed, our young academics/talent leaving in droves, unemployment remains stubbornly high, and we have a staggering “bail-out” debt of nearly 400 billion Euros waiting to paid for by our children and grandchildren.

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