McGrath Architectural Company Warns to Dispose St. Nicholas Materials

St. Nicholas National Shrine Church at the World Trade Center. (Photo TNH/by Costas Bej)

BOSTON.-The McGrath Architectural Surfaces Company in a letter dated April 26, 2018 threatens the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese to dispose material of St. Nicholas church in Ground Zero “should McGrath not receive the $2.4 million currently owed on or before by April 30, 2018.”

The letter was addressed to Bishop Andonios of Phasiane, Chancellor of the Archdiocese, by the company’s General Manager Paul Kitching.

It is stated in the letter that “the payment timelines communicated to McGrath over the past year have been an ever-sliding date that comes and goes with no funds being made available. It’s been a year of broken promises by the Church.”

The National Herald reveals the letter in its entirety:

“Dear Bishop Andonios,

We are writing today in one final attempt to make the Church fully aware that McGrath has repeatedly made requests for payment of our outstanding invoices on the project amounting to approximately $2.4 million. We have attempted to collect on these unpaid monthly amounts which date back a full year. To date, the Church has refused, and continues to take no definitive action nor has it accepted responsibility for the project’s current financial status. There have been numerous individuals, including representatives of McGrath, who have spoken directly to you and others within your organization to express the financial impact resulting from the lack of payment.

Unfortunately, the Church is now out of time as we can no longer leave ourselves in a position to receive monthly additional cost claims and deficient payment notices from our vendors. McGrath and our vendors have been experiencing continued accumulating costs for storage of materials and interest on unpaid balances. Please note, all the materials produced were done so in good faith that timely monthly payments would be made by the Church. The payment timelines communicated to McGrath over the past year have been an ever-sliding date that comes and goes with no funds being made available. It’s been a year of broken promises by the Church.

Should McGrath not receive the $2.4 million currently owed on or before by April 30, 2018 we will have no choice but to dispose of all project related materials overseas and within North America. By continuing to hold these materials we fear we will only be seeking a larger unpaid amount from the Church with no assurances the project will proceed.

Our hope is the Church can make payment on the $2.4 million owed and can free up the additional $4 million to continue fabrication of the remaining overseas materials. If this payment does not occur by April 30, 2018 we firmly believe the entire exterior rainscreen we spent 3 years developing from the architect’s concepts will be lost and not repeatable.


Paul Kitching
General Manager.”


  1. Why, why, why would the Bishop and the Ex Board of the Archdiocesan Council allow this? Why?! They should be held accountable for this disgrace. This falls on them and their worthless witch hunt. Shame on all of you.

  2. This is a total disgrace to the Orthodox Faith. The Hierarchy of the Church needs to be held accountable , Enough is enough. We should demand the replacement of the entire band of thieves. WHERE IS THE MONEY: that the faithful gave to the Archdioceses to rebuild the Church? This has been a scam from the beginning, worthy of a TV show.

  3. Why is the spiritual leader of millions of Orthodox Christians – His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew remaining inactive and silent? The Greek Orthodox church of America needs a helmsman to steer the ship back towards salvation instead of away from it. When St. Irene Chrysovalanto in Astoria, New York succumbed to numerous scandals, he removed everyone, including, the person who mops the floors.
    Not only has the stavropegial monastery recovered, it is thriving! I visited the monastery during Holy Week and had a prayerful, spiritual, and community experience.

  4. It is now May1 and, so, has anything been actually done by MG Mcgrath to remove the rainscreen or any other materials?

    I found the website and it still has a whole page devoted to beautiful images of what the St Nicholas Shrine will look like. Mysterious.

  5. This site is Sacred Ground, the burial place of thousands of vaporized souls. Note how the “True Religion” treats it. With ignorance and disrespect and desecration. This is the legacy of the church bosses. Hypocrites, phonies, liars, and now grave desecrators.

    They must donate this site and everything on it back to the Port Authority and leave town in disgrace. All of them, no exceptions. One way tickets back to the Greece that they promote non-stop over America the Great.

    Let Tsipras and his communists have them all. They deserve each other.

  6. Greek Orthodox, you all deserve each other and each other is who all of you get. The state of that building in Manhattan is the state of your church in America and in Greece. It is systemically corrupt, spiritually bankrupt, failed and cultic to its unrepentant core. You can blame the hierarchy but in reality all of you are without excuse Biblically before the Lord.

    I pray to God what ever it takes for Him to humble this church back to repentance. It is going to take more than any of you can imagine. If this church ever does start a process of corporate and system wide repentance things will get far worse before they get better when all of the decades of hidden corruptions are exposed. This debacle with Demetrius is just what you see on the surface. It is a symptom of the corruption and incompetency cancer destroying this cultic church and the laity is as much of the problem as is the hierarchy (that is systemic corruption).

    What goes on below the hierarchy surface starting with the Patriarch is not transparent and what is not transparent is not held accountable. This dead fish carcass is rotten from the tail up and from the head down. It reeks and yet the rotten corruptions are allowed to continue by the laity and to the point that this church is now in a dead decaying state in America.

    The Greek Orthodox would rather hold onto what is destroying them than surrender their lives and church back to the God in humility in repentance and until they do nothing changes and it all is going to get ever worse over time. Things are not going to get better once the archbishop is gone. All of you who have allowed your church to become systemically corrupt are still there and so nothing is going to change.

    There is no one in senior church leadership who can lead this church into repentance and out of systemic corruption and because the whole system of the church is corrupt.

    What, the Patriarch of Astoria NY sex abuses fame is going to lead the GOC out of this state of systemic corruption?

    What, the GOA metropolitan’s are going to lead this church out of systemic corruption and monastic cultism by them first repenting and then leading their respective dioceses through a corporate repentance process?

    Not going to happen. The unrepentant corrupt cannot lead anyone to repentance and out of corruption. Like a corrupt religious mafia organization and dictatorial hierarchy is going to repent. The future of this church in the USA is what? It is obvious what by what is taking place in Manhattan. It is staring all of you in the face and most all of you are doing nothing about it.

    Lord have mercy is not a solution. It is spiritually immature pablum speak as a do nothing solution. There is no Lords mercy in this, just the consequences of having allowed this state of church to come into existence. Mercy will only come when there is church wide bottom to top and top to bottom repentance. Gods mercy is there but you got to repent to get it or more consequences come and will keep coming until Jesus comes.

    The archbishop did not create this problem by himself. All of you who are Greek Orthodox together with him did. The body of the church enables all of the corruption and cultism and now this church is dying as a result. It isn’t like you were not told or warned of your church future if all of you together did not do what is really necessary to end this corruption and cultism at least a generation ago.

    Is your solution to wait until the corrupt hierarchy dies with the hope that they will be replaced by what is not exactly like them? I believe that is the solution pursued by most all of you and it will not work because it does not address the transmission of corruption from generation of hierarchy to the next. You have to be corrupt to be allowed into this corrupt hierarchy. It’s an unspoken requirement by the incompetent synod of metropolitan’s. It is unspoken but the practical implications of it are clearly seen in the state of the church. It actually speaks quite loudly if you are not in denial so that you can see it.

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