Mark Arey Asks Archbishop Demetrios to Resign

Executive Director of the Hellenic Initiative Organization Mark Arey.

BOSTON – Mark Arey, Executive Director of the Hellenic Initiative Organization, posted an article on Facebook urging His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America to resign, noting that “his continuing presence at the helm of the Church of America is part of the problem.”

Arey was a close collaborator of Archbishop Demetrios. He was a priest for 34 years of the Greek-Orthodox Archdiocese of America. He served for seven years in different positions at the Archdiocese including as Director of the Department of Interchristian and Interorthodox Relations. He also served as spokesman for St. Nicholas church at Ground Zero and he had many times appeared in the American Press including the New York Times.

A few years ago Arey departed from the Archdiocese and left the priesthood. He was converted to Orthodoxy. He was an excellent student at Holy Cross Theological School and he is fluent in Greek.
In his article on Facebook he wrote among other things that “I do not intend to be unkind toward His Eminence nor ungrateful for the many opportunities of service that he gave to me. What I am trying to be here is honest, to speak the truth with love.” He also stated that “. For those of you who take offense, I ask your forgiveness beforehand.”

The National Herald communicated with Mark Arey and verified the authenticity of his post on Facebook. He expressed the wish if it will be published to be published in its entirety.

The entire article of Mark Arey is the following:

“Dear Facebook Friends;

I have thought a lot about posting these thoughts, and I certainly do not wish to scandalize anybody, but with the growing crisis in the GOA and the abysmal publicity about the Saint Nicholas National Shrine, I felt that I should. For those of you who take offense, I ask your forgiveness beforehand.

The last seven years of my life as a clergyman (2007 – 2014) were spent in service at the Archdiocese and to the Archbishop. The Archbishop is a good man who is truly impressive in his academic abilities. Nevertheless, with all of the managerial and financial problems swirling around the Archdiocese, and the fact that HIs Eminence is now over ninety years old, I feel it is unjust for the faithful of the Archdiocese to expect him to continue to serve. Indeed, it is as unreasonable as it is unjust. He clearly does not have — and should not be expected to have — the expertise, energy, and facility to restore the Archdiocese to its former stability.

There will be blame enough to spread around for the current sorry conditions, but what we should be seeking are solutions! His Eminence is no longer part of the solution; his continuing presence at the helm of the Church of America is part of the problem. I do not intend to be unkind toward His Eminence nor ungrateful for the many opportunities of service that he gave to me. What I am trying to be here is honest, to speak the truth with love.

It is time for a new captain to take the helm and help restore the Archdiocese to a position of trust and responsibility. The nineteen years of the Archiepiscopacy of His Eminence Demetrios deserve a better end than the continual unravelling of Archdiocesan affairs. The Saint Nicholas National Shrine is singularly the most important project in the history of the Archdiocese. After years of fighting to maintain our legal right and moral responsibility to rebuild, Archbishop Demetrios has led the project to exhaustion and an embarrassing mismanagement that in the corporate world, would demand the immediate resignation of the CEO. But we are not a corporation, we are the Body of Christ. And the member who has been our leader these last nineteen years is deserving of a dignified retirement and rest.

I understand that it is hard to give up a glorious position. But I was there at the last address to the clergy by the ever-memorable Archbishop Iakovos at the 1996 CLC. His voice quaked with emotion and my eyes filled with tears as he said, “I lost none of you….” Archbishop Demetrios may have only served half as long as Archbishop Iakovos, but he deserves just as as much. Let us pray that he makes the right decision sooner rather than later, and submits a grateful resignation to His All-Holiness and the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Then the Church can move on and his legacy of nineteen years of service will not be lost and can abide with dignity and grace.”


  1. Upon reading this I have lost all respect for Mark Arey. Why would you do this? Does it help your Hellenic Initiative – does it advance you within our community to show this petty side? Do you and your board member who also serves on the Archdiocesean council Executive Board who is spearheaded the archdiocese demise feel better now? Why? Do you and he feel satisfied by this repulsive demoralization of our Archbishop.

    Seems as if you, the Executive board of the archdiocesan council have ulterior motives. Your plotting against the good people shall not succeed. Shame on you.

    Your Archdiocese contacts are why you have that position. Perhaps your supporters of which I have been will turn their backs on you just as you have to the Archbishop.

    1. He is correct the current archbishop over saw the biggest scandal the st. Nicholas debacle and the mis handling of millions of dollars, in the private sector he could have possibly been prosecuted, lets start over, we dont need high educated bishops, we need leaders who bring in new stewards not run them out, he must go, he has destroyed our church

    2. There is enough of blame to go around, Clergy & Laity both share in this issue, stop trying to put this mess on the shoulders of Our Archbishop!

    3. We should remember no proof of all these accusations have been provided. The executive board of the archdiocesean council, to this day have not provided any financial, accusations made have not been substantiated, the audits they promised have not been made public. Every accusatory stone the Exective Board has turned over has not been substantiated. Nothing!

  2. Why don’t you stick the knife a little deeper, what a back stabbing wimp of a Man. You deserve what you get for this act of betrayal, Judas

  3. Mr. Arey… sounds more like a leader of the Anglican church of England …. who support regime changes in Syria, and its leader Dr. Assad by the government of the United Kingdom, who happens to be the Protector of the Christian population of over 10% of the population of Syria!

    Specifically Dr. Assad, protects the Greek Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, and Melkite Catholic has Christian population of Syria against the funded religious terrorist of the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia!

    Apparently, Mr. Arey…would like a regime change of the Greek Orthodox Church, because like Dr Assad of Syria………..while Archbishop Demetrios is fulfilling his responsibility to serve the Orthodox faithful, you would like everyone to believe that the Orthodox faithful, no longer trust the Archbishop at 90 years old, and that he has exhausted his faithful, because he has not lived up to Mr. Arey’s job description as a financial manager equivalent to the CEO of an American corporation , or that of the government of the United States, who have successfully mismanaged and exhausted the budget of the United States to a….tune of 29 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!

    What are his real intentions…. simple! Like the Anglican church who supports the “Demonizing of the leader of Syria” with false information, and then suggesting to the world that the United Kingdom represented the will of the International community, in order to remove Mr. Assad as the leader of Syria, which would have led the Orthodox faithful to further extermination from Syria, Mr. Aren is suggesting that he represents the will of the Orthodox Faithful to remove Archbishop Demetrios, based on a false narrative!

    You see, Mr. Aren, the Orthodox faithful of Syria, and its people to not agree with the Anglican Church of England and its government, that they are tired of Dr. Assad and his leadership! This was clearly highlighted in recent letter to the world…condemning the attempt to remove Mr. Assad from Syria in the War Crimes bombing of Syria last week! I would bet the Orthodox faithful, are not tired or exhausted from their Spiritual, and not financial leader ….Archbishop Demetrios!

    Here is what your board should do….and that is to do what the CEO of a Corporation would do….he would request that you allocate some money to provide a management consulting group to assist Archbishop Demetrios to continue his Spiritual obligations to Christ to serve the people, and to manage the financial planning and appropriations of the Archdiocese!

    Mr. Arey…. we have seen what regime changes do to the people of those countries affected by the Anglican Church support….look at libya!

    Michael Gianakos

  4. The Archbishop is probably the most intelligent person to ever serve in that position in the history of our church in the US. He is a warm, gentle and non confrontational and very eloquent when he speaks. So knowledgeable of Greek and Theology it is mesmerizing to listen to him lecture on both. I personally have nothing but love and respect towards the Archbishop, and he is in a class of his own way above some of our controversial and rude bishops in the Metropolises. But in order to regain the trust of the faithfull and in order to insure the donations don’t stop coming in as they have, especially the big donors who are missing, sometimes change is needed. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with Mr. Arey. I’m just stating the obvious as to what has happened and what is happening. It is very difficult to undo damage once it gets into the heads of people. Trying to defend against it will only pro-long the problem and turn more people off. What is more important to the church and and its future is not up for me to decide because I will always do what I can and will not allow the bad apples that caused this mess to turn me off to our church. But I am very careful with my donations now until there is accountability and until we find out where the missing funds went from St. Nicholas, the late Archbishop Iakovos sale of his home, the waste at the Metropolis levels, and the hiring relocation of bad priests. I’d like to hear strong statements from the Archbishop on all these subjects.
    With what Michael Gianokos writes about Mr. Assad, I agree these dictators in the middle east whom Assad is one of the last kept their country’s together and kept ISIS and Al Queda out! They protected Christians from radical muslims as well. Unfortunately, anyone we are not in business with is our sworn enemy and anyone we are in business with is our great ally.

  5. Arey has no credibility but that doesn’t affect the issues at hand.
    He started life an an Episcopalian, learned Orthodoxy in Wash DC where it was not clear he was priest material. He flattered his way into the priesthood and was assigned to the then Frederick, Md mission church and left under some cloud, then later became an unrepentant apologist for Spyridon as one of his archdiocese sycophant aides (where he did NOT have the cohones to tell Spyridon to resign), and now flatters his way into some Hellenic Leader position where he thinks anyone cares what he thinks. He’s inconsequential. Don’t waste a minute on him or his opinion. He wanted to be a bishop and put on all the bishop dresses and ladies hats and play in the dollhouse. When that didn’t happen, HE QUIT. Forget him. Major league opportunist.

  6. Disgusting. Arey and his crowd bring shame on Orthodoxy, the Archdiocese, someone send me his address, I have 30 pieces of silver for him.


  7. So all the crooked Archdiocese shills come out in force to denounce Arey and his OPINION.
    Instead of loving one another, as Arey has strived to do, you deny the voracity of his statement.
    “Me thinks thou doth protest too much” in all of your defenses of a failing Archdiocese and Archbishop.
    Piece and Love.

    1. Toula, no, were saying Arey isn’t an authentic voice of reform and should be ignored. He’s part of the fabric of the status quo who now wants to project that he has solutions.

      Shills? You have it completely backward, just like your spelling.

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