Patriarch, Synod, Grills Demetrios at April 20 Meeting

George Tsandikos with His eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America Source: TNH/Michalis Kakias

BOSTON – Archbishop Demetrios of America was severely criticized by the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate at its April 20 meeting, presided by His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, according to exclusive information The National Herald has obtained.

Specifically, reports about Archbishop Demetrios and the Archdiocese were read, at which point Patriarch Bartholomew asked the synodic members if they wanted to ask him any questions.

First was Metropolitan Apostolos, Geron of Derkon, who wondered why there is so much delay regarding …

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  1. And Methodius, Metropolitan Of Boston Archdiocese, who caused harm to the reputations of a certain family, did he attend April 20th meeting?

  2. Round of applause to Leadership 100 and FAITH for standing their ground and not letting themselves be bullied or guilted into fixing a problem that they did not cause, by the very people who caused it but refuse to admit accountability.

    1. These two entities were created to assist the church financially. Personally, I find it sad how it’s become rather elitist and seem to only cater to the wealthy.

      Who overseas the Leadership 100 grants and confirms their purpose was utilized accordingly.

      As a past member of the archdiocesan council I can tell you they do not have transparency and most certainly have gifted finds to the archdioce for a purpose not used accordingly.

      What happened to the grant for the study to move the archdiocese out of NYC? Is it true the administration chairman at the time and relative of a leadership 100 administrator was paid for his so called services? Nepatism at its finest paid for by leadership.
      Don’t tout leadership is transparent.

    2. Sorry, Anonymous, if my comment came across as saying they are transparent or not without their dysfunctions. That is not my intention. I was referring only to this instance.

  3. Demetrios’s narcissism just astounds me. His temper tantrum at this meeting about his entitlement to the Leadership 100 and Faith monies is all I need to know. This situation cannot be resolved. The archbishop and all the princelings need to be deposed and sent to Turkey. We are headed to a Martin Luther moment in this church.

  4. Finally, a Metropolitan spoke up! One who isn’t afraid to ask what needs to, speak the facts and show his concern for a Greek Orthodox faithful. Good for you Metropolitan Evangelos!!

    The others remain silent and pretend to not be on the know, when in fact they have. If they really feel they are ignorant to this situation, why didn’t they ask the former director to addrsss them in a synod meeting, as he was always required to? Ask him the questions and receive the answers.

    Instead, they’ve allowed this new board to create this disaster, distributed false facts and figures, cause fear in our parishes and embarrass all of us.

  5. Metropolitan Alexios is the only one that should be considered. He is a true servant of Jesus Christ.

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