NATO’s Shameful Silence Over Turkey’s Greece Air, Waters Violations

Greek coast guard. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Sotiris Dimitropoulos)

“On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 12:15, a single-seat aircraft M2000-5 of the 114th Combat Wing and 331st Squadron, crashed in the sea while approaching landing, following an operational mission, at a distance of nine nautical miles northeast of the island of Skyros, leading to the fatal injury of the aircraft’s pilot, flight lieutenant Georgios Baltadoros. A relevant commission has been drawn to investigate the accident.”

That’s the matter-of-fact military manner way the Hellenic Air Force described the death of a …

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  1. “It is a tribute to the American people that their leaders and representatives
    perceived it necessary to lie to wage war, however, it is not a tribute to the
    American people…that they could so easily be fooled”

    Daniel Elsberg – Pentagon Papers Vietnam Analyst and Author
    False Flag fabrications to wage war, and war crimes in killing
    over 3 million Vietnamese citizens for attaining U.S strategic

    Why is Nato silent to violations by Nato member Turkey….because it is not in the strategic interests of the United States and Britain, the White Supremacist fascist leaders of Nato! Only those who threaten or interfere with the global strategic interests of the United States and Britain to make every independent country of the world compliant to the economic , political, and economic control of the United States and Britain. Hence, Russia is an enemy….because they are interfering with that goal, hence, the silence of Nato countries to the war crimes bombing in Syria! What do you not understand …..the silence to the occupation of Nato Member Turkey in Northern Cyprus for over 40 years with 3 UN resolutions siting on a table demanding the removal of all foreign troops in Cyprus, but have not remained silent to the alleged annexation of Crimea by Russia, and in fact have imposed crushing economic sanctions on Russia, put 4500 U.S. troops on the borders of Russia, which can provoke Nuclear war on the world! There are no sanctions on Turkey, no threat of military force, only building their army to threaten the security and peace of Greece and their neighbors in Syria and Iraq! , Importantly, they are so angry at Turkey, that they confidently store Nuclear warheads in Turkey, in violaton of Nuclear proliferation Treaties!
    Here is what will be the only reason, that they will continue to provide any weapons to Turkey despite their bad behavior and violations against Cyprus and Greece and as confessed to by U.S diplomat Mitchel in meeting with Ankara, it they stop buying Russian anti missile systems and not US, and comply to the strategic interest of the United States. Simple, and they will have complied to the Empire….and they will receive theirF- 35’s which will be used against Greece and Cyprus ! You see ..Greece and Cyprus ….don’t pay tribute to the empire the way Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel can do, to get them to represent become part of their interests as highlight by Mr. Mitchell as follows:

    “it is in the American national interest to see Turkey remain strategically and politically aligned
    with the West.” Mitchell’s entire address to the committee was remarkably forthcoming. For
    instance, he described America’s goals in Syria as defeating the terrorist group Islamic State
    (IS, formerly ISIS), ensuring that “a Syria that is unified and stable emerge[s] from the
    conflict; and above all to prevent Iran, that aids and abets Hezbollah and that seeks the
    destruction of the state of Israel, from extending its malign influence in the region.”
    Furthermore, Naturally, America wants Turkey to be “a long-term factor in thwarting
    expansion by Russia and Iran, as outlined in the National Security and National Defense
    Strategies,” and not pursue a self-interest policy..
    “Moscow’s support for the Syrian regime is intolerable for America and all civilized nations,”
    he claimed

    The degenerate liars of Washington and London have just provided the ground for charging them with Treason…… for years they have insisted that fighting IS was its sole wish in Syria and justifying deploying some 2,000 troops in Syria against the wishes of its government, we now are told that we are not in Syria to protect their interests , but those of Israel, the United States and Nato allies Turkey and Britain which is to provoke war on any country who has relationship with Russia, Iran, probably China, Venezuela, North Korea to prevent them from having influence, which could interfere with the strategic goals of the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Israel! In other words, MR. TSIPRAS has lied to the Greek Population, in not advising them that as a Member of Nato… he is required to promote economic, political and military policies of the United States which are in violation of international laws, such as bombing the country of Syria to remove its government , and protect the interest of the state of Israel, and to support economic sanctions against Russia, Iran, and anybody else who interferes with the interests of the United States and England..
    That Greece, like Turkey, cannot pursue its own interest …such as improving economic relations with Russia, Syria, or Iran, because they are not in the interests of the United States.

    Greece cannot respond to the violations and acts of war by the Turkish government unless it is within the Strategic interests of the United States. Which explains why Greece did not respond in 1974 to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

    Greece in joining Nato…has become a member of an Organized Crime Family, run by degenerates who currently have a foreign policy replicating those of “Black Hand” of organized sydicates of the 1920’s which demanded allegiance and money from legitimate business, in order to protect them from “very bad” people, and those who refused ….were bombed to demonstrate why they needed their business protected by the mob! Now you understand , the regime change policies of the United States and England, which has been interfered with by Russia….hence , the false narratives and charges by the lunatics of England and the United States!

    Now you know why their is Silence….because the United States ordered it!
    Now you know what Daniel Elsberg quote mean’t…they lie to us to wage wars!

    Michael Gianakos

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