NATO Chief Says Greece-Turkey Tensions Not His Problem

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. (AP Photo/Boris Grdanoski, FILE)

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said crackling tensions that almost have brought Greece and Turkey, who belong to the defense alliance – to conflict are not his business and the body will stay out of it.

Stoltenberg said this is “not an issue for NATO,” which has said nothing about repeated violations of Greek airspace and waters by Turkish fighter jets and naval ships and indirectly led to the death of a Greek pilot whose jet crashed while returning from a mission to intercept rival pilots.

Without explaining even the likelihood of an intra-NATO would wouldn’t concern him, Stoltenberg told Turkey’s Anadolu news agency ahead of a visit to that country on April 16, and as he praised Turkey for helping with the war on terror but had no good news for Greece, bearing the brunt of repeated incursions.

Instead, he used typical diplomatic boilerplate to say that the two countries are valuable members and contribute to NATO’s collective defense even if they are squabbling with each other and nearly coming to blows.

“I expect that the differences we see on some issues are solved between Turkey and Greece in the spirit of good relations,” he added. “In this context, I welcome that the PMs of both countries have recently held a phone conversation and that they have agreed to resolve these differences through dialogue.”

NATO relies on Turkey in the almost two-decade long war on terrorism and has ignored the troubles with Greece.


  1. How Responsible of him . It’s good to know that Greece which has been bullied by Turkey so much can depend onNato . Shame of you mr stoltenberg

  2. Huntington’s Clash put Greece in the Islamosoviet zone. Macarius got his gizzrd split fro slumming with Breznev. It is time to build a new Albanian “Epirote” state consisting of the entire western Balkans
    and then return Thrace and Bulgaria to Turkey to keep the Russians from the straits.
    See p 321

  3. mr Jens Stoltenberg, if, a neighbor to you, come to your house and break the door and start saying that a part of it belongs to him, do you thing it is good (and legal of course) for you to hear (lets say from the police) that it would be better to talk to each other and solve the deference;

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