Archdiocese on Post’s Front Page

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

On April 7,  Holy Saturday afternoon, as Greeks prepared to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord, the New York Post posted on its website an article titled “Feds Probe $80M Construction Scandal at Church Wrecked on 9/11,” and a print version of the article, titled “Unholy Mess,” was on the Post print edition’s front page the following morning, Easter Sunday.

The newspaper cited as its source the articles of our website,

We clarify that the Post did not request the Herald’s assistance or cooperation; our articles are available to the general public.

So, since the Post relied on our publications, it did not reveal anything that the Greek community does not already know. The article’s significance lies in that it took the information TNH revealed and presented it to a more general audience, which certainly has no reason to follow issues affecting our Greek-American community.

The issue of the federal investigation into the finances of the construction of the St. Nicholas National Shrine and of the Archdiocese, therefore, took on much larger dimensions, and republishing of the Post article by other mainstream media outlets is to be expected.

The main point of the Post’s report was that there was no revelation – even prosecutors, federal and state, refused to comment – but the following conclusion, which the Post makes (regarding the Shrine), and whichcontains the essence of the problem:“What was supposed to be the new face of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, turned into a national embarrassment.”

This is the essence. And as hard as it may be for the Archdiocese and the Greek community– and, of course, it is – it unfortunately represents a great truth: that instead of using this opportunity and turnSt. Nicholas into a mirror of Hellenism in the United States, at one of the world’s focal points, with our incompetence we managed to become ridiculous.

While affluent Greeks of the United States donated tens of millions of dollars to achieve this great purpose, the Archdiocese was unable to utilize their generosity, thereby losing their confidence in the project.

The financial crisis now plaguing the Archdiocese, along with everything else, exposed its lack of organization and staffing.

It revealed the need for radical reorganization.


  1. None of this would have occurred if our beloved Archbishop Iakovos was still with with us. He and his colleagues were made from a different cloth and were true stewards of the church, its institutions, as well as championing the long term success of the Greek Community in the Americas. They were not part of the “Me” generation. Whoever is responsible for the blemish should be ashamed of themselves. May Archbishop Iakovos’ memory be eternal!

  2. Indeed, the smart people left the church with Iakovos. Just go down the street from the cathedral to Christchurch or Redeemer and you will find them. Now our churches are dominated by efremites and lulurgas butt boys. The pirests are mostly dummy bunches of goats with vacuous smiles and no gumption. One of them tried to melt snow with fire and was surprised it turned bblack: instead of seeing the fire carried carbon he wondered if the snow was plastic. The few smart ones are priestie boys who devised their scams at the smeinary Commedy Club. Then you have those teachresses who try to resolve their midlife bouzaki crisi by humping all the young adonises in their classes. Keep your kids away from these freaks.

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