Israel, Cyprus, Greece Will Push EU Gas Line at May Summit

The ship, Ocean Investigator is docked at Cyprus' largest port of Limassol in the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Wednesday, March 14, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

By Kostis Geropoulos/New Europe,

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on April 4 with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and “among the issues discussed were advancing the feasibility study for laying a gas pipeline from Israel to Cyprus and from there to Greece and Western Europe,” the office of the Israeli prime minister said.

“The leaders noted that they are looking forward to the trilateral summit next month,” Netanyahu’s office said in a press release. The summit will be held in Nicosia.

Cyprus Natural Hydrocarbons Company CEO Charles Ellinas told New Europe on April 6 that Netanyahu, Anastasiades and Tsipras were planning to meet early January but the meeting was postponed without clear explanations, other than perhaps the UN votes on the issue of Jerusalem.

Ellinas noted that nevertheless the meeting is important in terms of contributing to maintaining close relationships between Israel, Cyprus and Greece. However, he said, the meeting has to be seen what it actually is, as a political meeting to facilitate and eventually sign an inter-governmental agreement on the EastMed gas pipeline.

“Even though essential in facilitating the pipeline, going from there to actually building such a pipeline requires commercial feasibility, participation by the oil and gas industry and financial institutions to fund it and build it and, above all, gas sales to customers in Europe,” Ellinas said. “None of these is anywhere near materialising. Without them this project remains on the table as politically desirable but commercially challenging, unless it secures a substantial subsidy from the EU, which I consider unlikely,” he added.

In the present climate of the European Union targeting increasing transition to renewables, Russian gas monopoly Gazprom about to gain EU antitrust approval, TurkStream or Turkish Stream steadily progressing and Nord Stream 2 still scheduled to proceed, it is not likely that EU would provide such subsidies to the scale required to make the EastMed pipeline commercially viable, Ellinas said.

Since 2013, the East Med is promoted by the EU as a Project of Common Interest (PCI) since it would boost EU energy security by providing another route and source for gas supplies to Europe, reducing reliance on Russia.

Ellinas also noted that liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from Egypt are about to start using surplus gas produced in Egypt, by the end of the year. “Shell has been in discussions to buy Israeli and Cypriot gas for liquefaction in Egypt and export. This is also subject to commercial challenges due to low gas prices in Europe. It may succeed only if Leviathan and Aphrodite are prepared to sell their gas at quite low prices,” he said.

The EastMed gas pipeline would circumvent Turkey, which has increased tensions with Cyprus, Greece and Israel recently, providing a way to transport newly discovered gas supplies from the East Mediterranean to Europe. The talks in Nicosia in May follow a memorandum of understanding regarding the EastMed pipeline, which was signed in December.

According to the Public Gas Corporation of Greece (DEPA), the EastMed will connect the recently discovered gas fields in the Levantine Basin, in the southeast Mediterranean, with mainland Greece and is projected to carry 8-14 billion cubic meters per year of natural gas to Greece and Europe.

According to DEPA, the approximately 1900 kilometer long pipeline (700 kilometers on-shore, 1200 off-shore) consists of the three following main sections, as well as compressor stations located in Cyprus and Crete: a pipeline from the fields to Cyprus, a pipeline connecting Cyprus to Crete, and a pipeline from Crete crossing mainland Greece up to the Ionian coast.

From there the EastMed can link up with the offshore Poseidon pipeline enabling the delivery of additional diversified sources from the Levantine to Italy and beyond. The EastMed pipeline is preliminarily designed to have exit points in Cyprus, Crete, and mainland Greece as well as the connection point with the Poseidon pipeline.

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  1. Again we watch the puppet government of Greece and Cyprus continue to serve their masters of the United States , United Kingdom, and Israel who have turned the Middle East into the largest killing field in history, even surpassing the millions murdered and injured in Vietnam by supporting fanatical Religous Terrorist to overthrow all independent governments of the Middle East not compliant to the economic, political, religious, and military control of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United KIngdom!

    The truth…is that any collaboration between Cyprus and Greece with Israel…. would be nothing less than taking Blood money from the Degenerate Benjamin Nentanyahue.. the corrupt leaders of Israel, based on their complicity in the murder of hundreds of thousand of Muslim and Christian citizens of Syria in supporting the funding , recruiting, of Religious Radical Terrorist called ISIS, Al Nustra, and Al Queda in order to eliminate the government of Syria…who is not compliant to their demands with the United States to run gas piplelines thru Syria from Israel. Specifically the following, pretty much explains why Mr. Netanyahue, has been a haven for ISIS, in treating their wounded, has broken international laws by attacking Syrian Troops over 100 times in Syria, has over the past two weeks bombed Syrian bases from airspace over Lebanon in support of their terrorist armies and currently protected by the United States , in non other then the portion of Syria which happens to be the largest oil fields of Syria , DEIR EZZOR, , AL-HAZAKAHAH, and RAQQA REGIONS and then you add the illegal Golan Heights occupation…. you understand, why the Jewish State of Israel received 3 billions dollars a year to fund their military adventures and threats to Iran , Syria, lebanon, and Iraq and to promote Gas Pipelines by stealing from the people of Syria, and leaving their country in ruins, ….all because a bunch of degenerates from the United States. United Kingdom , Saudi Arabia and Israel, can control the media to tell their lies and deceive the people of Israel, United States and the United Kingdom , in order to commit war crimes and destroy the countries of the Middle East as follows:

    Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights region violates international law — thus, Israeli permits granting Afek the ostensible right to perform exploratory tests of a possible “large reservoir” of natural gas and light oil is also illegal. But in a world where Big Oil remains powerful enough to drive foreign policy of the U.S. empire, this direct violation of the Geneva Convention might not even be worthy of a footnote — except to the people of Syria.

    The sovereignty of the country of Greece and Cyprus…. only have one responsibility and that is whether their principles and values match up with those of our Greek Orthodox Christian roots… which is what Christ and God have layed out! Not based on the values attributed to political and economic greed of the United STates and Israel…run by the likes of Donald Trump and Benjamen Nentanyahou, whose definition of democracy…is handing over the sovereignty of their neighbors to them … in order to allow them to murder innocent protesters to their “Black Hand foreign policy” right out of the charters of the Organized crime families of the 1920’s in Chicago and New York. And if you do not understand, why the people of Cyprus and Greece should run away from, …what Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahue are imposing on the world. then you will know! look it up on your favorite internet source.

    Michae Gianakos

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