Timid PASOK Goes Out, Not with Bang, but Whimper

FILE - Fofi Gennimata, who ran its leftover aftermath called Democratic Alignment, won a runoff election Nov. 19, 2017. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Christos Bonis)

How did the once-formidable-but-now-gone PASOK Anti-Socialists in Greece go from Andreas Papandreou to Fofi Gennimata into the dustbin of history?

The party of Papandreou, scarred and tainted and manipulative as he was, was irrepressible for decades, converting pensioners to its side with the simple gesture of giving them decent benefits, coming to power in 1991 on the back of his fiery rhetoric and in-your-face defiance.

Now, nine years after his son George won the 2009 elections and became prime minister with the …

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