Grand Jury and Attorney General Investigating St. Nicholas WTC, Archdiocese

FILE - Archbishop Demetrios with Archdiocesan Council Vice Chairman George Tsandikos. (Photo by TNH/Mihalis Kakias)

BOSTON – On Friday March 30, a Grand Jury was formed to investigate the subject of the finances of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine at the World Trade Center.

The New York State Attorney General will also undertake an investigation of the Archdiocese finances.

The aforementioned Authorities have already informed the Archdiocese and have subpoenaed all documents and information in printed and electronic form, including e-mails and text messages, and everything related to these two cases.

On March 30, the …

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  1. Perhaps now, the innocent will be cleared and the truth with set the others free. I’m sure Mrs. Walsh and her team are prepared for the real truth to be revealed. Not just what she and her team have selected.
    May the truth end this witch hunt and allow all to heal.

    1. Lee raises an interesting question. I assume he refers to the fact that the First Amendment has a clause prohibiting government from interfering with the “free exercise” of religion.

      Since our Orthodox Christianity has governance that is hierarchical, as opposed to the congregational system found in many Protestant churches, would this mean that there will be limits to what a governmental investigation can do?

      I think that it is a worthwhile question and I will see if any good legal minds on here have any response for me.

    2. The amendment does not protect against fraudulent content. Nor does it protect fiduciary failures if protected funds, like retirement dollars where taken.

    3. the First Amendment does not protect the criminal misappropriation of funds by a registered non profit organization that takes advantages of tax loopholes after tax loopholes…….

  2. Wonderful news! Thanks NY state for the free forensic audit! AND you are even going above and beyond subpoenaing all communication regarding the matter so we the faithful can actually receive some transparency of what happened to our donations.

  3. Perhaps this will also bring to light the recent raiding of restricted funds from St Michael nursing home by the clergy in charge, the raiding of Camp St. Paul, the raiding of the Taylor Scholarahip and who knows what else has recently “been borrowed”? Will this be investigated or have the clergy along with the executive board replaced this with the new found “surplus” of funds?

    Will an investigation be made into clergy misconduct? Will an investigation be made into the allegations of female victims seeking assistance from our church, only to be shunned?

    Will the CFO and Executive board ever produce the months of missing financial statements and accurate documentation?

    Seems every time we are celebrating holy days, the executive board releases new information. Is this intentional? To make us think they are pure in heart and soul; and sincerely working for the good of our church?

    I am not a cynical person. But as someone who has served my church for decades, what I’ve witnessed the last six months has made me want to turn elsewhere and take my children with me. Don’t they deserve the church we grew up loving and respecting?

  4. Finally someone is taking action after months of asking. Had the archdiocese been transparent and honest from the beginning, this wouldn’t have happened; shame on our church “leaders” for their actions – I shudder that we hold these men up as examples for our children. Be open, be humble and be honest so we may forgive.

  5. Finally the masquerading dance will come to an end. God bless our judicial system!

  6. while we all want to see transparency and accountability and its up to US to DEMAND it–and many of us have done so—the last thing I want—or any of us should want–is the NYAG involved in our Church affairs. –(an office that has proven to be partisan and often improper–see Mar 18, 2017 – Exxon lawyers told a court that New York’s attorney general is using a fake email scandal to create publicity. … Schneiderman refuses to produce emails between his office and wealthy donors, such as Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family Fund, and billionaire activist Tom Steyer, Exxon claims, …this just an example of many other alledged improper acts by the AG of NY). The NY AG likely has an agenda here and time will tell what it is. The 1st Amendment is clear on this issue and the NY AG needs to stay out of Church matters. A motion to stop this should immediately be initiated and go all way to the SCOTUS if needed.

  7. It’s Holiest of Holy Seasons. Palm Sunday is upon us. Great Lent is about to end with the. arrival of Pascha. For dearly beloved Father Nicholas Kastanas, beloved former pastor of Saint Athanasius The Great Greek Orthodox Church, Arlington, Massachusetts, this is a very sad time.

    Father Kastanas, with love of God and from the bottom of his heart, served non-parishioners as well as parishioners of Saint Athanasius Greek years, until the end of July, 2017 when he was abruptly “fired” and “sentenced” to life at home, totally without any source of income! To this day, I and many former parishioners fail to understand the reason for this ungodly act committed by Metropolitan Methodius, assisted by Father Theodore Barbas and certain Saint Athanasius Parish Council members.

    I will keep praying for the return of Father Kastanas, praying that God, in His great mercy, will return Father Kastanas during Holy Week. Greek Orthodoxy needs Father Kastanas! In addition, I pray that God will forgive all who have offended a passionate man of God.

    1. Metropolitan Methodios is a petty tyrant and a creep. I hope he gets justice and comes to an unhappy miserable end in this world.

  8. There is absolutely no excuse for those with responsibilities within the Holy Orthodox Church to have lower standards, questionable transparency, and poor accountability than secular authorities. The financial difficulties with the GO Archdiocese of America sends a very strong message to those outside the Church that this sad occurrence is a reflection of our faith.

  9. Archcriminal Demetrios must answer the question of where have these millions of dollars vanished to at this time. The church is an oligarchy of corrupt despots. They need to go or the church will decay and die out. I am steering my kids away from church but not God. The church is a business that has become exceedingly corrupt.

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