Letter to the Editor: Don’t Place All of the Blame on Demetrios

Archbishop Demetrios of America. (Photo by Bill Petros)

In Chicago, after waiting for decades for a house cleaning, we will be patient with Metropolitan Nathanael to learn the ropes.

In the Archdiocese as a whole, I completely agree with Theodore Kalmoukos about the need to audit all metropolises. Bravo to the Metropolis of Pittsburgh for releasing information- the rest must follow. He is also right that the lay leaders bear much responsibility. Everyone knew administration was not Archbishop Demetrios’ strength. How long did the Archdiocesan Council need to see they needed to take bolder action when he was unwilling to cut staff? A few years, fine, but 18 years?

After all, he is a pastor, not a CEO.

Nestor Seferiades

Chicago, IL


  1. I do not understand the lengths people go to blame not the wrong doers but to find excuses in thin air. The Archdiocese is, according to TNH, in bankruptcy and all we get is a form of cover up by the church hierarchy.
    No one at the present hierarchy, including Geronda, wants to come out and be transparent and truthful. They form committees and subcommittees to find the causes that led to this and to tell us in the distant future how they spent the money. Postpone and forget! Now they are looking to borrow millions upon millions to fund their obligations, they want to make us feel sorry for their present condition, they tell us of being “homeless” and “broke”, however, if the causes of the bankruptcy are not published and corrected, our parishioners will not give their hard earned money to go to waste.
    The National Herald on February 3, 2018 in an article by Theodore Kalmoukos, quotes prior Executive Financial Director of the Archdiocese saying that over $17,000,000 ( Seventeen Million Dollars ) was paid with the knowledge of GERONDA to settle child and women victims of abuses by priests and for legal fees. Where is the response by GERONDA Dimitrio?

    What else is there to find out by the appointed committees and the subcommittees? Have they corrected the problems that have drained out Church? Have these priests been dismissed, reassigned to do it again or were they given congratulatory plaques in appreciation of their long and dedicated service? The public wants to know what measures have been taken?

  2. Mimikos learned the lessons of Greece well. Be fronimos. Say all the right things. Do nothing. Everyone will applaud. Greeks don’t like to do anything anyway. They always want the easy way out. They think they are so smart. They learn not to upset yiayissa with the truth.

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