Analysis: Where are We Going – on a Dead-End Route?

FILE - Archbishop Demetrios with Patriarch Bartholomew in a previous meeting at the Theological School of Halki. (Photo by GOA/Dimitrios Panagos)

After all of the astonishing revelations The National Herald has made about the Archdiocese’s dire financial situation, the crucial question on the minds of thousands of Greek-Americans throughout the United States is: where are we going as an Archdiocese and a community in general?

Those who are in charge at the Archdiocese – along with Archbishop Demetrios, who is at the top – are trying to capitulate with spin and propaganda, using as tactics slogans that all is well and good.

Unfortunately, …

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  1. The first step “we” the Greek Orthodox faithful need to take is to come to together is fellowship. The second step is to open our hearts and minds and receive the necessary spiritual edification needed to bring healing and community. Presently, we are a church full of nominal uncommitted Orthodox Christians.
    Each one of us must make the Orthodox journey personal as well as communal. Then and only then will we change from the path we are currently on.
    Evangelism – The most basic teaching has eluded us Greeks Orthodox..

  2. The problem is greed and corruption and it starts at the top. The fish rots from the head and continues down the entire body of the fish. This is so true! Unless we can find another Athenagoras or Iakovos, we are doomed as a community.

  3. Look at Chicago Fr. Timothy should be the Metropolitan, (6 votes) but the Turkish Vatican put one of their own in, no experience, and it will be business as usual. We can’t even abide by the rules.

  4. Until Metropolitan Methodius gets his act together and returns Father Nicholas Kastanas to church, he and his churches will get no money from me.

    1. No matter what is written in the news and no matter what anyone says or writes our church in America gwill continue on its path of “business as usual” and “maintaining the status quo.
      NThey clergy and people have been silenced and marginalized while the hierarchy rules through abuse, fear and intimidation.
      That’s the hierarchical system put into place by the bylaws, canons, rules and regulations.
      Greed is at the heart of Orthodoxy.

  5. Newsgroups: nyc.politics
    Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2018
    Subject: April 5th Pogrom Inciting
    From: Lakis Velotris
    On the 5th of April, make sure your Orhtodox Christian employees (their names end in s, u or f)
    work overtime and do not attend their church services. If they insist, then
    fire them, and if possible, deport them. On Good Thursday, they chant
    pogrom inciting Beatitudes (4th tone, 13th antefone 2nd
    plagal 6th tone, 11th antefone 2nd plagal 6th tone) against
    adiascorous (ungodly) “godslaying lawless Jews.” These fired up the
    Black Hundreds to go out and kill Jews for their Judas fires

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