Archbishop Demetrios Says He’s “Homeless”, “Poor”

Archbishop Demetrios of America. (Photo by Bill Petros)

PORT WASHINGTON, NY – His Eminence Archbishop Geron of America Demetrios left everyone speechless when he arose at the end of the local Clergy Laity Congress of the Direct Archdiocesan District of New New York on March 3 and declared that he is “homeless” and “poor.” He said he doesn’t have any money, except enough for his burial. The event took place at the St. Michael parish community center in Port Washington, NY.

It is reminded here that Archbishop Demetrios refused to live in the home of the late Archbishop Iakovos, located in well-to-do Rye, NY, stating the commute was too lengthy to the Archdiocese in Manhattan.

The house was sold for $3 million at a time when the real estate market was at its lowest level. Of that amount, $800,000 was used to repair the roof at the Archdiocesan headquarters and, as The National Herald revealed, the rest is missing. No report has been given about the sales, nor was the money referred to in any budget.

At the March 3 local Congress, Demetrios also said that his parents left their family home to his brother and him, but he sold his portion and used the money to provide scholarships to students. He also said he doesn’t know a car, though it is common knowledge that the Archdiocese provides him with a deluxe-feature Audi, and two deacons drive him around.

He also said he never used the credit card issued to him, and recently had problems locating it during the card-cutting process the Archdiocese recently underwent. But the deacons use the card on Demetrios’ behalf, because it is unbecoming for an archbishop to use it directly.

Demetrios also said that he inherited a multimillion-dollar debt from his predecessor, Archbishop Spyridon, and that when Demetrios took over, he would pick up the phone, call a friend, and say he needed a million dollars. The friend might give $1.2 million instead, insisting that the Archdiocese keep the extra money for expenses. “I was expecting someone wealthy to give money” this time around, for the Archdiocese and the St. Nicholas National Shrine, he said, but nothing like that has happened.

He said he worked very hard and brought peace and love to the Church. He repeated again that he didn’t know anything about the financial problems of the Archdiocese, which contradicts the January 24 letter ousted Executive Director and close confidant Jerry Dimitriou wrote to him, stating Demetrios was the one making the decisions.

Archdiocesan Council Treasurer Michael Psaros spoke about the Archdiocese’s efforts to rejuvenate, and said it is now operating on solid foundations.


  1. The Unjust Steward

    “No servant can serve two masters; for he will hate the one and love the other, or else, he will be loyal to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon”.

    Luke 16:13

  2. The Archbishop came into his position with great hope and prayers from our Laity. In the beginning he acquiesced to strength of some of our “esteemed” Metropolitans whose collective goal was to emasculate the throne of our Archbishop. They succeeded!

    He has failed to protect the Church from the cult of Ephraim. He has seeded his power to Metropolitans who act like despots. But worse yet he has compromised the strength and power of our Church. It is under this “homeless” man’s watch where we have lost 50% of our adherents since we was elevated almost 20 years ago. The problem with him at this point is that he has ZERO credibility.

    Welcome to the Greek Orthodox Church in America! Where it is always someone else who is to blame. Who are their scapegoats today……..Jerry Dimitriou, the late Michael Jaharis and Emanuel Demos, both of Blessed Memory. The problems of our Church require outsiders without an agenda to clean up this mess before it is too late. By the way it is not many “homeless” men that travel on private jets and live in multiple million dollar residences, at no cost to them! PLEASE, ALL YOU “LEADERS” CONNECTED WITH OUR CHURCH STOP TREATING US LIKE WE ARE ALL IDIOTS. Your constant hypocrisy is no longer acceptable. All the councils and executive committees must be removed along with the hypocrites whose only job seems to be to protect the Hierarchy from accountability.

    The most egregious case in point is the disaster that is the Metropolis of Chicago. For years they all protected the worst of the worst because of their love of protecting each other, rather then the Laity.

  3. Now, just hold on. Demetrios et al agreed to pay Spyridon $88k a year for life to get him out of Dodge City in 1999 and Spyridon has been on ice ever since, perhaps in Portugal, where he can live free of US tax. Is that correct or not?

    When Demetrios refused to live in Iakovos’s house, the Cathedral apts, and the living quarters of 8 East, we then proceeded to lease a luxury coop owned by Mike Jaharis who agreed to lease it to the archdiocese for the coop fees and taxes only at $7500 a month. Is that correct or not?

    And now we’re hearing this sob story? Really?

  4. Our Hierarchs have no shame! The lunacy continues even during Great and Holy Lent…
    His Eminence has lived in the “lap of luxury” for twenty plus years because of the love and generosity of the Greek American community. And this is what we got in return for our love and generosity – a Greek Orthodox Church in America that is spiritually and financially bankrupt. Is it any wonder that most of the Orthodox, especially Greeks, see our church as a failed institution.
    The true church begins in the heart – that is where Jesus is…

    1. Michael thank you – succinctly said.., & what’s deeply disturbing is Archbishop Demetrios never stood up for our Orthodox faith & did not mention Jesus name at President Trump’s Inauguration.
      But Protestant evangelical lady Paula White did talk of Jesus when her turn came at podium; so what’s up with His Eminence?

    2. Apples — The question you should be asking is, “whats up with us – the Greek Orthodox community”?
      The simple answer is; Apathy
      Going forward, it will be the biggest challenge we face as a church. Apathy has dispirited our communities. It’s time to take the “Great Commission of Christ” Seriously. It’s time to put the focus back on Jesus and his ministry.

  5. What a joke! Our family volunteers at a homeless shelter. We see people every week who are homeless and poor. They truly have no control over their lives. They eat what they are fed at the shelter and are grateful for it. It is simple food due to budget constraints. They never travel anywhere because they don’t have cars or any money to spend if they could go somewhere. They live sad lives and are grateful for crumbs.

    The last time I saw the Archbishop was at a fancy dinner. He was driven there in a luxury black town car and escorted by a deacon running before him opening doors. He was led to th seat of honor at this dinner and was quickly dining on steamed shrimp and lobster and drinking a fine wine. I suspect this is not unusual for him. Afterwards he was whisked to a luxury hotel.

    It sickens me to hear the Archbishop compare himself to the truly poor and homeless. He is either desperate for sympathy or losing his marbles. He should step down. Sadly, the potential replacements by and large look worse.

    1. ?‍♀️?Can anyone please explain Why His Eminence would root for a priest candidate for Bishop of Chicago, who he knew was up for suspension for sexual misconduct?

    2. Apples: It is because he sees Gods children (abuse victims) as expendable to the image, power and control of the dictatorial and authoritarian hierarchy. It is why he stood behind Katinas and did nothing to expose or stand up to the patriarch over Astoria NY. He is a sexual abuser and/or sexual predator enabler. He has protected rapists, child molesting perverts and sex addicts and those who like him that enable them.

      The hierarchical leadership structure is sexually systemically sick and it is systemically corrupt by incompetency, unrepentance and evil. This is why the archbishop would root for someone corrupt and not root them out of the candidate selection process. The corrupt want the corrupt to keep the status quo of the corrupt hierarchy power and control structure and system. It is a religious mafia like crime organization.You don’t let anyone lead in it that is not corrupt or that will not enable the corruption. It’s all about power and control and nothing about humility as servant leaders of Christ, Philippians 2:1-11.

      It’s going to be interesting to see if the new metropolitan of Chicago diocese turns out to be corrupt or a real Christian with Biblical ethics and morality. Will he continue in the same stream of systemic corruption as the rest of the hierarchy and the patriarch and in the continued enabling of the ephraim cult? It will not be long before you find out.

  6. Archbishop Demetrios is known as abstemious and self-sacrificing from early in ministry. This is an ingrained character trait of a man of God. Financial management is a trait of the worldly. Demetrios embodies humility and preaches that Christ is Love.

    1. I agree. He always finds a positive spin. But this is only leading the lemmings and buffalo off the clif.

  7. Demetrios is simply the product of the GOC hierarchical authoritarian and dictatorial leadership development process that is archaic, incompetent, corrupt, hypocritical and in denial. This man will not stand up to corruption and cultism in the GOA hierarchy and that is because he is chooses to be an enabler of the corruption and cultism. The problem is not the solution to the problem unless you want more problems.

    I remember how Demetrius a so called humble and love of Christ man protected pedophile priests like Katinas and did nothing to expose and stand up to the patriarch over Astoria NY. It’s all about protecting the corrupt authoritarian power structure and the abusive system of control over protecting and serving the victims of these crimes that are Gods children. You are really nothing more than a pawn being played on the rigged game board of this religious authoritarian dictatorship. You are expendable to the hierarchy keeping its image, power and control.

    The humility and the love of Christ that is a servant (Philippians 2:1-17) and not a dictatorial authoritarian ruler that lords over would not tolerate the pride and arrogance of this corruption and cultism in the GOC hierarchy. The reason why the GOA hierarchy is corrupt and the church is cultic is because the corruption that leads to cultism is not stopped by the hierarchy but is instead embraced by it and because it is the origin of it. It is evil.

  8. Homeless and poor?

    Nevertheless, I am going to be a little more charitable than others commenting on here.

    Friends, haven’t each one of us said something that we later realized was the wrong thing to say? Yes, think of THAT thing that you said and hope that all of us, along with our Archbishop, will choose more appropriate words in the future.

    1. @john
      Is it “appropriate” to deceive the Greek Orthodox faithful who labor countless hours (voluntarily of course) to build up the body of Christ ,ministry, and community?

    2. I believe that our Archbishop made mistakes. In his use of the words “homeless” and “poor” he was guilty of hyperbole. And he will obviously need to find better administrators. But that is as far as I want to take this matter concerning him personally.

      I love the Orthodox Church and wish it the best. But some commenting on here sound as though they aspire to be in a Protestant community, where the laity try to govern everything. If they go that route they will find that all the things that aggravate them now about the Orthodox Church with show up among the Protestants also; only the details will be different.

  9. @John
    I have loved our faith every since I was a child and yes, I agree with the second part of your response…the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Why do you think so many Protestants are running to orthodoxy? They have some of the same issues but on a bigger scale. And if you do some research, you will see they are not flocking to the GOC. They are going to Russian and Antiochian churches. Some are actually moving to Russia where Orthodoxy is thriving.
    The laity here in the United States are the heart and soul of the Greek Orthodox Church. We are the spirit!!!
    We are not sheep.

  10. Accusations by those above of being “Protestant “ are code words for “ you need to be more Greek and not embarrass the Tribe”. Users of that word want the status quo and want the criminality and misdeeds to prevail over any reform. Essentially, they side with Evil.

    1. Do not associate my concerns about a Protestant attitude with a desire to keep us “Greek.” Although I am of Greek heritage, my family and I do not even speak Greek; we are very much American.

  11. Yeah he is poor sto mialo tou. What a crook. I m done with the criminal hierarchy of the church in the USA. I will no longer give them any membership/tithing to this crooked organization. They need to go bankrupt

  12. Is this another diversion tactic? To not address the fact that no financials have given since the resignation of the former director? We had transparent, accurate and constant information then.
    This regime takes over, removes everyone who was knowledgeable, efficient and honest. Replaces with puppets; who have not and cannot provide any accurate documentation.

    All they have done is throw smoke at all of us, in an attempt to destroy our church; in order to stroke their own egos.

    What happened to the hot tub priest and the Brooklyn Priest? Counseling is wonderful; but doesn’t the archdiocese have a sexual misconduct policy with ZERO tolerancy? Why have other clergy been defrocked and these remain? The all clergy committe protecting their own at the cost of innocent victims?

    This executive board is hiding the facts from everyone because their accusations have been proven wrong. They were vocal; intentionally pointing fingers at some and not others, always l knowing the truth. Do we want a executive board who works underhanded? I think not!!

    Go to the clergy laity and speak up. Do not let this regime stifle anyone from demanding the truth – the real truth! Not the make believe facts and figures.

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