Greek-American Peter Karamitsos Wins on Jeopardy!

Kelly Miyahara from the Jeopardy Clue Crew on the set during the 25th anniversary season of the game show. Photo by Joseph Hunkins from Talent, via Wikimedia Commons

NEW YORK – Greek-American Peter Karamitsos, a software salesman from Elmhurst, Illinois won on Jeopardy! in the episode that aired on March 14, and will appear again tonight, March 15, as the returning champion to face two new challengers on the long-running game show. Karamitsos told Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek that he is Greek, but did not learn the language as a youngster but instead learned as an adult after being encouraged by a woman he met at a church function.

He played a solid game throughout the show, finding the Daily Doubles, and in Final Jeopardy he had the lead with $17,200, then answered correctly and wagered $10,200 to bump his total up to $27,400 and win the game. According to, Karamitsos answered 19 correct and 3 incorrect and was 2 for 3 on the Daily Doubles with a net earned: $3,200.

The Final Jeopardy category was The Electoral College and the clue: Each state has as many electors as its total of senators and representatives; D.C. has this many, the minimum for any state. The contestants on Jeopardy respond in the form of a question, so the answer was: What is 3? Karamitsos answered correctly and wagered enough to soundly beat the returning champion Zach Dark, an investment analyst from Hoover, AL, who had $12,600 going into the final but only wagered $4,601 for a total of $17,201.

Allison Berke, a cybersecurity research director from Half Moon Bay, CA, came in third after she answered incorrectly, “What is 4?” and lost $100, leaving her with $8,100. The second place contestant receives $2,000 and the third place contestant $1,000.

In his second appearance on the show, Karamitsos will face Tracey Hollabaugh, a teacher from Cumming, GA, and Amy Yacorzynski, an attorney from New Orleans, LA.