Analysis: An Extreme Sign of Archdiocesan Failure

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

It seems and sounds unbelievable, but it is a bitter reality that the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America came to the point of extreme financial need and poverty under the Archpastoral care of the current archbishop, Demetrios, and is going to receive a bank loan to pay its debt. The Archdiocese is going to guarantee its $10 million loan by using its prime real estate headquarters on Manhattan’s Upper East Side as collateral. What a shame!

This embarrassing …

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  1. Once again thank you to the National Herald and it’s Publisher, because without Mr. Kalmoukos and this Newspaper we would only have “fake news” as it concerns our Church. The revelations about Mr. Vourvoulias (made many months ago) and this prior unknown loan are evidence enough of why the Church is dying. Yet the same people that brought this mess to all of us are now driving around the Metropolis of Chicago requesting large checks to present to the new Metropolitan elect.

    It seems that nothing is changing! We are treated as if we are all brain dead. Below is an excerpt from an interview with Michael Psaros about the economic state of the Church:

    “TNH: What is the financial condition of the Archdiocese today?

    PSAROS: By the Grace of God, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (the “Archdiocese”) announced, pursuant to a press release dated January 26, 2018, that it completed an ambitious restructuring process that greatly advanced the financial stability of the Archdiocese.”

    Really Mr. Psaros do you value the appearance of normalcy more than full and complete disclosure? Is there no amount of truth and fidelity that is warranted in your relationship with our damaged Laity? How long have plans been in motion to mortgage our properties? Personal I understand why most people are leaving our Faith. The custodians of our Faith see their role as one that requires a “code of silence”. Don’t worry “our Laity is too stupid to wake up”. All of the courtiers should be ashamed of yourselves. You are indeed killing our Church.
    Is there not one of you who will break rank and speak the truth? We should no longer call ourselves a Christ Centered Faith, we are quickly descending into a Hierarch or Ephraim worshipping cult.

  2. When will someone stand up and speak the truth! When will the men targeted by this new adminatration stop and speak the truth!!! Their egotistical witch hunt needs to stop.
    The truth will not be told because they want to look like hero’s; making things right. When in fact, they are far far from it. They are not telling the truth to anyone! Even the archbishop and metropolitans have fallen prey to ones money and ego. Hoping he will make a large donation.

    We hear about things were not run properly; when it fact it was not only run ethically, with transparency; there were never these insane accusations and failures.

    Why would this executive board allow the GOA to be placed in this condition, and have no doubt this new regime is to blame and NOT the prior people. They wanted to hit bottom to seems as if they are rebuilding. What a disgrace they caused by stopping St. Nicholas, what a disgrace they caused by not paying even the most minimal bills, what a disgrace they caused by canceling employees health benefits, what a disgrace they have caused by pretending to make things right. They are the cause for our international humiliation and issues.
    All because the Archbishop thought he would receive a large donation. Now he announces he is homeless and poor!
    When will our Metropolitans speak up for truth and justice?!!
    Do what’s right and set the record straight. Then you will have our support and admiration.
    Now is the time for everyone to stand up and take a stand against this new regime who are spreading false information. Why hasn’t the CFO And Bishop been removed for their raided reserved funds? Why / because they wear a collar and. I matter what they do, it’s ok by the Hierach!!! That’s a disgrace.

  3. The Archbishop and most of our Metropolitans have allowed our Church to be turned into a bad joke. A few years ago the Archbishop asked for money for Saint Nicholas. We are not wealthy but scrimped to be able to give him $1,000. Now we know it was diverted to continue the fat cat lifestyles of our hierarchs. Not one more penny! Until there is full transparency and accountability for past misdeeds we are sending our annual contribution to our local OCA parish. Not one more penny for this corrupt Archdiocese.

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