Dr. Peter Stavrianidis Keynote Speaker at Texas Seminar on Jews in Greece (Video)

Dr. Peter Stavrianidis spoke about the Jews of Greece in the presentation in Houston. Photo: Macedonian TV of USA- Elias Neofytides

HOUSTON, TX – The Hellenic Professional Society of Texas in collaboration with the American Jewish Committee and Houston Congregation of Reform Judaism, hosted a seminar on “The History of Jews in Greece: One journey of tradition, glory and struggle for survival.”

The seminar was held under the aegis of the Consulate of Greece in Houston.The keynote speaker was Dr. Peter Stavrianidis, former president of the Pan-Pontian Federation and former president of the New Jersey Greek American Chamber of Commerce.

During the presentation, Dr. Stavrianidis covered the historical background of the Greek Jews (Romaniotes and Sephardim) and their struggle for survival through all the demographic and territorial changes that took place in the Balkan region, especially during the period after the establishment of the modern Greek state and the Holocaust.

He presented his research findings with interviews with members of the Jewish Community of Greece.
In anticipation of the event, the Consul of Greece in Houston, Ioannis Stamatekos, referred to the historical presence of the Jews in Greece, the efforts and initiatives taken by Greece to combat the phenomenon of anti-Semitism, and the close cooperation of the American Jewish organizations the corresponding Greek ones in the United States.

The response and feedback from the public were extremely positive. Both the excellent turnout and the discussions that followed showed the strong interest of the attendees.

Dr. Stavrianidis has lectured at American colleges and has done extensive research into the history of Jewish communities in Greece.

More generally, his research includes studies on the actions and attitudes of immigrants in the context of their integration into American society, as well as the evolution of America into a multicultural society in the 21st century.