Letter to the Editor: What is Wrong with Us!

To the Editor:

During the last few months, as we all know the Greek government is negotiating on the international scene about the name of a neighboring country which has the potential on encroaching on Greek sovereignty down the line.

One main leverage the Greek government was given is the two great gatherings of its citizens: one in Thessaloniki and one in Athens. The more people at these protests the more the leverage the Greek government has against the other side by saying: “Look, I will have a revolt in my hands if I don’t follow the people’s wishes.”

The Financial Times the day after the Athens protest had first page pictures stating: “hundreds of thousands of people in Syntagma Square…” and The Economist, February 10, 2018 edition, reported “more than a million-people demonstrated in Greece against their neighbors disputed use of the name ‘Macedonia. . .’”

Nevertheless, the chief of police in Athens rushed to report that only 140,000 people showed up and not hundreds of thousands as claimed by others. Your newspaper in the February 10-16th edition reported “well over 100,000 protesters…”

So, the foreign press says millions of Greeks are united as a nation fighting for their history and survival and yet the Greek leadership and media say only a hundred thousand or so showed up. Why?

WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?  What happened to our Hellenic culture? Do we even know what it is? I bet that less than one out of 100 Greeks worldwide know the definition of the word Hellene or Hellas, our official name. Why? That’s a complete failure of our schooling, our churches, our elders, our leaders, and everyone else who claims to be in a responsible and leadership position in our culture.


Dr. Alexander G. Alemis

Chicago, IL

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  1. It’s very simple and there is nothing wrong with “us” and it’s the reason why Mikis Theodorakis at the rally held in Athens stated “long live the Greek people”, because after 8 years of crushing austerity, a million plus Greek citizens still turned out for the rally, far larger than any anti austerity protest rally ever drew. Our spirit has not died or diminished. It’s the political elite that rule Greece and the diaspora. Who do not subscribe to the ideology of “Hellenism and Orthodoxy”, they are the traitors. The “elite” subscribe to their failed foreign ideologies (ex. neo liberalism, neo conservatism, socialism , capitalism , secularism”). Their loyalties to Hellenism/Orthodoxy have been clouded due to their beliefs in these bs lifestyles and political systems. The average Greek Patriot needs to resist and put anyone on notice who thinks they will betray our history, culture, language and faith.

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