First Meeting of the 44th Biennial Clergy-Laity at Metropolis of Boston

Honorary Clergy-Laity chairman Arthur Anton speaks at the first meeting . (Photo by Metropolis of Boston)

BOSTON, MA – After a four-month delay and amid numerous references and reminders by The National Herald regarding lack of preparation, the first meeting for the forthcoming 44th Clergy-Laity Congress of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America finally took place on February 27 at the Metropolis of Boston, according to its website.

The announcement indicated that” “The Host Committee of the 44th Biennial Clergy-Laity Congress met at the Metropolis of Boston on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 to discuss the upcoming conclave of our Archdiocese which is scheduled to take place from July 1-5, 2018 at the Copley Marriott Hotel in Boston. Metropolitan Methodios welcomed Clergy and Laity from throughout New England and shared his thoughts concerning the importance of this historic congress, the first held in Boston since 1988.

“Arthur Anton, honorary chairman of the Congress as well as the two co-chairmen, Michael Sophocles and Peter Bassett also addressed the gathering. Among those present were George and LeeAnn Anderson, co-chairs of the 2016 Congress held in Nashville, Tennessee who spent the entire day at the Metropolis sharing their insight and advice which were most valuable to the host committee.”

It should be noted here that the Copley Marriott was chosen two years ago by ousted former Executive Director Jerry Dimitriou, who placed a deposit to reserve the hotel, but did not even have the courtesy to at least notify the local hierarch, Metropolitan Methodios.

At the October 20 Archdiocesan Council meeting, Archbishop Demetrios announced the convening of the Congress and charged the Boston Metropolis with its organization. From that point until February 27, no substantial action was taken toward such organization. It is reminded here that prominent businessman and philanthropist George Behrakis refused to assume the chairmanship of the Congress despite the archbishop’s pressing requests.

To date, no agenda has been set and no paperwork has been sent out.

Notably, the Boston Metropolis has not held its own local congress in 2018 nor did it convene one in 2017, and as yet has not released even a vestigial financial report or other notice of financial accountability.


  1. Absolutely not true. The Metropolis of Boston was to host the 2016 Clergy Laity and the Metropolitan refused and was fully advised he would host the 2018 Conference. For anyone to say they didn’t know is false.

    When will the truth really be told here and elsewhere. Why is the director who resigned being blamed and fingers pointed to him? Why, because it is easier to blame someone who is no longer there than the Archbishop, Metropolitans and Executive Board to face the facts and tell the truth. Wouldn’t we all want them to speak the truth, as they should? Perhaps, the resigned Director can speak out and be heard in the proper forum. But they do not want us to learn the truth. Only their spin on things.
    Why are fingers only pointed to him when they all know there were checks and balances and others responsible for accountability as well? This “new” administration is not transparent at all and is playing a smile and mirrors game with us.

  2. Who cares? Why would anyone waste parish money to attend? The whole enterprise is collapsed. There is no leadership at any level. More importantly, there is no Salvation to offer anyone in such a corrupt faith group. The total end is near. Once the archdiocese ( if that’s what to call it ) runs through the $10 million mortgage they want to take, bankruptcy is the last step. They are all guilty and all to blame. And we let it happen because we-all of us-lacked the courage to speak up and make changes.

  3. The only reason they need this loan is to pay back the money they borrowed the last few months. The restricted funds they borrowed from St Michaels, Camp St. Paul, the heavily restricted Taylor Scholarship. Why aren’t we hearing about this recent raiding.

    Why aren’t the people involved being removed? Why, because they are clergy and have a higher level of protection. Valued, loyal employees are discarded and blamed for things they were authorized to do!!! The faithful are blamed while the clergy in charge are untouchable.

    Certain people there wanted the archdiocese to crumble – they wanted it to hit bottom so they can build it up and stroke their egos. Sad days for our church when people are allowed to do this.

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