Letter to the Editor: On Giving Back for Education

The University of Portland. Photo: University of Portland

To the Editor:

Thank you for the article- E. John and Cleo Rumpakis Scholarship in Hellenic Studies at U.P. which appeared in the March 3rd issue. I think it is very important for people to give back to the community and especially for education. I hope the Rumpakis’ generosity inspires others to establish scholarships for young people in Hellenic Studies and other fields. So many students end up choosing careers based on concerns about money and that shouldn’t be the case. Scholars should be able to go into the field they are most passionate about and not have to worry about making ends meet or having to take out loans they will be paying back for years and years. It is nice to hear that students in Hellenic Studies at the University of Portland will be able to pursue their dreams through the Rumpakis’ scholarship.

Persephone Grigoriou

New York, NY