11 Persons Arrested in Connection with Neo-Nazi Organization Case

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Yiannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS – Eleven individuals have been arrested so far for their involvement in the neo-Nazi organization that was dismantled by the ccounter-terrorism squad.

The suspects are facing charges of participating in a criminal organisation, possession of explosives, arson, bombings, and violation of the weapons law, police said on Wednesday.

During the investigation, police searched 10 residents in the wider Athens and two houses in other cities, Athens Macedonian Agancy says.

A Tueasday police statement said officers confiscated Molotov cocktails, 50 kilograms of explosives, shotguns, knives, cudgels, drugs and far-right banners and paraphernalia, Associated Press reported.

The five Greeks arrested on Tuesday are accused of belonging to a criminal organization, carrying out bombings and arson attacks, breaches of weapons laws and explosives possession.

The suspects are thought to be members of the Greek branch of the neo-Nazi Combat 18 group. Police say more residential searches are underway.