Letter to the Editor: Tired of Turkey’s Bullying

To the Editor:

I am sick and tired of Turkey’s bullying. First the gas drilling which is the right of Cyprus in its EEZ [exclusive economic zone] and the threat against Greece and claiming the Lausanne Treaty was not valid. She may be bigger than Greece, but that doesn’t matter, they don’t know the Greek spirit!

What is the U.S., UN, and EU doing? Nothing as usual.

When will our country get some guts and stand up to Turkey, she is not a good ally. That moron Turkish president is a ruthless dictator who thinks he can do anything he wants. My father Konstantinos Lampropoulos served in the Greek Army during the 1912-1913 Balkan Wars.

A quote he told me when I was a kid which I never forgot: Dogs they are born and dogs they will die, they are not fit to be called human beings. I rest my case.

Andy Lampros

Danvers, MA


  1. Dog’s they are!! Unfortunately Greece has no allies and no one will come to our aid if there is a conflict, nor will anyone make Turkey give anything back once they occupy it. They have the ability to produce and restock there own weapons which Greece doesn’t and they have competent people in charge of there defenses while we have friends of Tsipras who are incompetent.

  2. Greece must try to keep decent relations with the non-Muslim nations of the region. That should include accepting a compromise in the naming issue with that neighbor to the immediate north.

    Also, try to have good relations with both the US and Russia, avoiding anything that would disturb either power.

    And, while maintaining its military capacity, Greece must not fire the first shot.

    1. Yes, many fair-weather friends. There are influential people in many nations, from the US all the way to Russia, who will be looking for excuses to not support Greece. So Greece must not give them any such excuses. If shots are fired, it must be clear that the Turks fired first.

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