Dr. Theodoros Kousouli Talks to TNH about His Life and His Books

Dr. Theodoros Kousouli. Photo by Matthew A. Cooke

Dr. Theodoros Kousouli spoke with The National Herald about his life, his work, and about his books, including Be a Master of Maximum Healing.

He told TNH that he grew up in New Jersey, his former Merchant Marine father was from Sparta, Laconia and in the restaurant business, and his stay-at-home mother was from closer to Athens. Kousouli, 40, the eldest of three, is two years older than his brother and sister, who are twins, and they are all in the …

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  1. Dear Carol, thank you so much for your comment. It”s so nice to get responses and know that our columns resonate for people. Questions about the nature of the self, identity and consciousness intrigue me, and although they are easily obscured by day-to-day events, they re-emerge in quieter times and guide my views about the world. They also remind me that, although my world has me at the center, everyone else has a world just as complex as mine and of which they are at the center. Hard to remember when I meet someone slinging political insults!

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