Digenes Akritas Graphic Novel Kickstarter Campaign

The graphic novel retells the story of Digenes Akritas. Photo: www.digenes.com

NEW YORK – Konstantinos Dimitriou has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a dynamic retelling of the epic of Digenes Akritas, the Two-Blood Border Lord, Digenes is a graphic novel about love, vengeance, and duty. As noted on the Kickstarter page for the project, Dimitriou, creator of the project, said, “We already have a full draft of all five parts of the Digenes omnibus.”

The goal of the campaign is, according to the Kickstarter page, to “enable our artists to work full time to do the following for the Digenes – Part A: Aristocrat, the 75-page first volume of the full 375-page series: Expand the draft to a full-blown Marvel-style comic script; Complete pencils, inks, and color illustration at the quality shown on www.digenes.com; Print the book and produce all rewards; Deliver the book and other rewards.

The compelling story: “It’s the 10th century AD. Europe is in deep decline. An entire continent mired in bloody conflict, superstition and pestilence is desperately trying to fend off the formidable armies of confident and thriving Islamic states. The fate of Europe’s peoples hangs by a thread.

“It is at this time that, on Europe’s eastern border with Saracen Syria, in the Byzantine Empire’s region of Cappadocia, Vassilios Musur is coming of age. A frail and bookish young man, son to a Syrian emir and a Byzantine noblewoman, Vassilios shows little promise at a time when manhood is defined by the raw skills needed to survive: strength and skill in arms.

“Yet, through a harrowing, mystical journey to the ends of the world and an internal battle between good and evil, Vassilios will defeat his greatest fears to transform into Digenes, an unstoppable warrior, and assume leadership of the Akrites, Byzantium’s celebrated border guards.

“But is that enough to win back the love of his life, exact revenge on his enemies and save the Byzantine Empire from ruin?”

Fitting in with the theme of the graphic novel, the Kickstarter rewards are named after ranks of the Byzantine military. The Kickstarter campaign ends on February 25 at 9:13 AM EST.

Those interested in supporting the project can read excerpts and learn more about it online at: www.kickstarter.com/projects/digenes/digenes-part-a-aristocrat and www.digenes.com.

Konstantinos Dimitriou was born in Athens, Greece. He has lived, worked and travelled extensively across most of Asia, including China, India, Japan, Korea, and South East Asia. Dimitriou has authored multiple articles for business journals and newspapers, including the Greek daily Kathimerini. Digenes is his first graphic novel. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cambridge University and an MBA with High Distinction from Harvard Business School. Dimitriou lives in Singapore.

The team working on the project: Dimitrou on story and production, Kallia Papadaki on script, Christian Mirra on storyboards and art direction, Simona Fabrizio on pencils and inks, and Laura Piazza on colors.

The graphic novel retells the story of Digenes Akritas and the full draft of the 375-page project is already complete. Photo: www.digenes.com