US Embassy Economic Officer Hoyt Μeets Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce Chief Masoutis

U.S Embassy in Athens. (Photo: Eurokinissi/Christos Bonis)

ATHENS – US interest in strengthening US-Greek relations should be taken as a given, US Embassy Economic Officer Brian Hoyt said on Thursday in a meeting with Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce President Giannis Masoutis.

Hoyt, who was accompanied by executives, underlined the important contacts in this direction with the Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Nikos Pappas during his recent visit to the United States.

In an effort to confirm the improvement of the economic climate in Greece, he said that many American investors believe that this is the right moment for investments in Greece, which has a much better reputation than a few years ago.

Announcing the visit of the US Secretary of Commerce to Greece, he noted that the American presence at this year’s Thessaloniki International Fair (8-16/9) will be very dynamic and will focus on innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

Masoutis referred to the plethora of opportunities for potential investors ahead of Greece’s exit from the economic crisis and addressed an invitation to American businessmen.

He also noted that “the Greek economy is proceeding with reforms, improving conditions of competition and fighting distortions, which hampered private entrepreneurship.”

During the meeting, there was an extensive reference to the areas that could – at this particular juncture in time and for the economy – attract US funds for investment. Masoutis referred to manufacturing and commerce, where – as he said – the American companies could play a leading role as they had in the past.

Hoyt pointed out that he “sees” prospects for investments by American businessmen in other sectors too, such as tourism, not only in the field of hotel business, but also in the field of tour operators.

Opportunities for investment in other areas were highlighted such as: energy, agri-food, technology and start-ups. Hoyt made special reference to the collaboration of American universities with the American Farm School, aiming at better interconnection of education with the market.