Ignoring Turkey’s Threats, ExxonMobil Plans Cyprus Energy Drilling

FILE - Qatar Petroleum chief executive Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, left, ExxonMobil Senior Vice President Andrew Swiger, center, and Cyprus' Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, right, attend a signing ceremony at the Presidential palace in Nicosia, Cyprus, Wednesday, April 5, 2017. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

US oil giant ExxonMobil said it will send two energy research vessels into Cypriot waters, near where Turkey is blocking an Italian ship from preparing to drill for oil and gas and as tension remained high over the showdown.

That came as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – a former CEO for the US company – was holding talks in Ankara with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose relations with America were fraying fast as Turkey conducts military operations in Syria, near where US forces were patrolling.

ExxonMobil, ignoring Turkish warnings it would stop international oil companies licensed by the legitimate government on the island where Turkey has unlawfully occupied the northern third since a 1974 invasion and has demanded a share of any potentially lucrative findings from oil and gas.

The Italian company wants to reach Block 3 of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) while ExxonMobil has Block 10 in waters which Turkey also claims and as it won’t recognize the Law of the Sea, except for citing it when needed to justify actions.

Cyprus Energy Minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis confirmed the US firm made contact with the government and would proceed, through its consortium with Qatar Petroleum, the Cyprus Mail said.

Reports said ExxonMobil was sending two vessels that include two special underwater robots to perform surveying work that will determine the precise spots where two drillings will take place after this summer.


  1. Dear turkey you lost your mind , how you dare to block gas drilling operation from a legal nation as the republic of Cyprus ? UN member in the EU where you try for 40 years to enter and will never succeed, because your bully attitude , north Cyprus in not a legal state no matter if you recognize, you need the UN to do that ,but will never happen because the uncivilized invasions was right the old time not today , you must follow international laws sea , and land not what Turkey wants . You really puss me off edrogan speech,Cyprus will what we want , otherwise we use our mighty fleet, my god you are lucky greece has a government with peaceful and stable mind not like your Any way. Exxon Mobil is coming is not Italy stay clear of Cyprus if you want to have your fleet above sea level ,

  2. Enough is Enough with the Turks.Im waiting to see how Turkey will act against Exxon with the 6th fleet patroling the waters. It’s about time things with the Turks calm down a bit, they have gone overboard.

    1. Overboard? They are crazy they need to get hit hard , war is bad but with them is necessary, I play with real guns after the
      War I like war , shame when I was in the army they wouldn’t let us do our job I’m an old Greek not young tsipras ,

  3. Funny thing is that if you play by the Turk’s logic of continental shelfs and sea borders then the point where exxon is drillin falls outside their sea borders either way lol.

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