Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos Takes One-Year Paid Sabbatical

Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, Illinois Governor Bruce Rainer and his wife, Diana. Photo by John Ackerman

CHICAGO, IL – Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, Chancellor of the Greek-Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago announced on February 9 that he is taking a one-year sabbatical beginning February.

In an e-mail he wrote: “Dear Colleagues, Co-Ministers, and Friends,

As a new Metropolitan of Chicago has been elected and will soon be enthroned, I will be starting a one-year sabbatical beginning February 10, 2018. Throughout my ministry in the Holy Metropolis of Chicago, I have been blessed by working with so many gifted, talented …

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    1. My friend have you forgotten that this is the same bishop who was admonished by a state prosecutor in Wisconsin for witness tampering in the Fr. Dokos criminal trial?

      Among the allegations were that Dokos stole money from an elderly parishioner’s trust to fund not only his own lavish lifestyle but also to give gifts to bishops, including several thousand dollars to this particular bishop.

      When he got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, the bishop started to interfere with the legal proceedings until the state prosecutor admonished him and threatened to charge him with witness tampering.

      Our Church has enough problems. You want to saddle us with this? I want to know so is paying for this sabbatical/paid vacation?

    2. Sour Grapes! Is his ego tarnished because he was not selected as the new Metropolitan of Chicago? Dismiss him. Paid sabbatical for a whole year? Isn’t he embarrassed? Personally, I think he is done! Where is the Geronda here? How about the Patriarch here? These behaviors make people including myself to revise pledges downward or to not give at all! Come on people, are we all suckers? Revolt!!!!

  1. I will tell you who is paying…the Archdiocese! The same Archdiocese that is telling us now to ” trust” the new measures they put in place to be transparent after decades of financial irresponsibility. They are so broke that they are begging parishes to continue supporting them financially while they pay this corrupt despot to live large for a year. But the foolish keep donating hard earned income for this guy to enjoy his posh life. Do they really think the Archdiocese will ever share the details of who was robbing Peter to pay Paul? Good luck…

  2. Only in the Greek Orthodox Church can you be the Chancellor in what was once the strongest and most admired Metropolis, “supervise” it to near death, then be rewarded with a paid one year vacation. What happened in the Dokos case in any other Religious institution would have been grounds for removal. Instead we are now told that our donations will be used for this! Our Church is sick to its core, is there any other proof you need than this?

    We lack any real transparency, our new “savior” Michael Psaros tells us not to look backwards but look forwards as no one is held accountable for anything. Do the lay leaders of the Church see anything in their roles, other than being a rubber stamp?

    1. What happened in the Dokos case should have been grounds for jail, not just removal. The arrogance here was astounding and certainly criminal!!

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