Erdogan Warns Greece, Cyprus over Gas Search, Aegean Islets

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ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a warning Tuesday to neighboring Greece, Cyprus and international companies exploring for gas in the eastern Mediterranean not to “step out of line” and encroach on Turkey’s rights.

Meanwhile, Greek authorities said a Turkish coast guard vessel rammed a Greek coast guard boat off a couple of uninhabited islets in the Aegean Sea over which the two NATO allies nearly went to war in 1996. There were no injuries.

Erdogan made the warning in an address to legislators of his ruling party as Turkish warships continued to impede a rig from reaching a location off of Cyprus where Italian energy company Eni is scheduled to drill for gas.

“We recommend that foreign companies don’t allow themselves to be an instrument of issues that surpass their limits and strength, by trusting the Greek Cypriot side,” he said. “Their show of strength lasts only until they see our ships and our planes.”

Turkey opposes the drilling, which it says disregards the rights of breakaway Turkish Cypriots. It also claims as its own part of the area Cyprus has designated for exploratory drilling.

The Cypriot government says it has a sovereign right to drill, and that if the search is successful, any income would be shared equitably if the island is reunified.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades refrained from direct comment on Erdogan’s statements, but said Turkish naval activity should cause no public alarm.

“There’s no reason for anyone to worry,” he told reporters in Nicosia. “Actions are being taken in such a way so as to avert any kind of crisis.”

European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said EU authorities are monitoring the incident in the Agean closely.

He said Turkey needs to “commit unequivocally” to good neighborly relations and avoid any “friction, threat or action” against an EU member state.

Cyprus has been divided since Turkey invaded in 1974, after a failed coup by supporters of union with Greece. The island joined the EU in 2004, but only the southern part enjoys full membership benefits.

Many in Turkey also dispute Greek ownership of uninhabited Aegean islets near Turkey’s coastline. The two countries have a long history of rivalry, and have thrice come close to war over Aegean rights and Cyprus since 1974.

“Opportunistic attempts concerning gas exploration off Cyprus and concerning Aegean islets are not escaping our attentions,” Erdogan said.

Greece’s coast guard said nobody was injured in the collision, which took place around midnight Monday, although the Greek vessel suffered damage to the stern where the Turkish boat hit it with its bows.

A coast guard statement said the Turkish vessel was conducting “dangerous maneuvers,” and struck the Greek vessel inside Greek waters.

The coast guard vessels were east of the uninhabited islets — known as Imia in Greek and Kardak in Turkish — which both countries claim and are prime fishing spots, attracting fishing boats from both countries.

Greek government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos voiced concern but appealed for restraint.

“Right now there is no need to pour more oil on the flames. What is needed is calm, level-headedness and a serious handling of the situation,” he said.

“Recently we have been seeing increasingly provocative behaviour from Turkey, which is a source of very serious concern to us,” he told private Alpha radio.

The Turkish ambassador in Athens was summoned to the Greek Foreign Ministry for explanations.

Tension around the islets has remained high since the two NATO allies came to the brink of war over them more than 20 years ago, when they deployed their navies to the spot and a Greek helicopter crashed into the sea, killing three crewmen.

(By SUZAN FRASER and NICHOLAS PAPHITIS, Paphitis contributed from Athens, Greece. Menelaos Hadjicostis in Nicosia, Cyprus, and Lorne Cook in Brussels contributed).

Greece issues demarche to Turkey

Greece filed a strongly-worded demarche with the Turkish embassy on Tuesday, following the ramming by a Turkish patrol boat of a Greek Port Authority off-shore vessel in the Imia islet area before midnight on Monday.

The Port Authority confirmed that the Turkish patrol boat had entered Greek territorial waters.

Foreign Ministry Secretary General Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos conveyed the Greek government’s protest, while the Turkish ambassador to Athens was called to the ministry for explanations.

In a statement, the Greek foreign ministry called on Turkey to “put an end to the infringements of international law and to actions that do not contribute to building relations between the two countries,” while “they undermine the regional security and stability, which Greece advocates and will continue to advocate for.”

The statement added that “dangerous incidents like this that endanger human lives are a result of the escalating and provocative behaviour that Turkey is increasingly exhibiting the last few days.”

According to diplomatic sources, the Greek government has already informed its allies and partners about the incident, including the United States, Germany and members of the UN Security Council. It has also filed protests with the European Union, which already issued related statements, and NATO.




  1. An what did NATO do? Nothing? And what did the EU with their defense pact do? NOTHING!! And this is who you want as an EU member-ally? Oh yes and lets remember what they also told us during Gulf War one no use of airspace until you pay more money -and has anyone been watching the news video (the real footage not the doctored footage from Turkish govt supported station) showing Turkish politicians and the Sultan bashing the EU, NATO and the US, with promises of threatening war and seizing Greek islands practically daily…oh and the thousands (not a few) of violation of airspace and territorial water encroachments…oh and the beating of US citizens in Washington DC..There is an old saying “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are”..think about it…

    PS Also check who and when our allies were in WWI and WWII too…

    1. Go cry me a river, according to the Laussaune pact the Island NEAR the Turkish border should not be militarized. What is GREECE doing? Militarizing it, if you poke the wolf it will probably tear you apart this time and neutralize the Island at its shores with artillery. Lol Greeks are a bunch of minion cowards.

    2. Being the fact that Turkey can’t even win a war against 3000 Kurdish “civilian” fighters. I would keep my mouth shut. Greece will send you back to Central Asia where you belong.

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