“If We Run to Save Macedonia, We Will Be Saved”

Protesters gather at the Athens' main Syntagma square in front of the Greek Parliament during a rally in Athens, Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018. Well over 100,000 protesters from across Greece converged in the Greek Parliament to protest a potential Greek compromise in a dispute with neighboring Macedonia over the former Yugoslav republic's official name. (Lefteris Partsalis/InTime News via AP)

The demonstrations taking place in Greece over the government’s (mis)handling of secret negotiations with the nation formerly known as Vardaska (aka FYROM or those wannabes north of the Greek province of Macedonia) seem to have reawakened a long slumbering force – the people. The enormous turnout at the first demonstration in Thessaloniki last month was not only a pleasant surprise, but a glimmering hope for a downtrodden, impoverished, and seriously wronged society that has withstood one of the greatest peacetime …

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