Kammenos Takes Political Coward’s Way out of FYROM Name Fury

FILE - Defense Minister Panos Kammenos. (Eurokinissi photo: Yorgos Kontarinis)

“Calling all cars! Calling all cars! Be on the lookout for Greek Defense Minister Panos “Weathervane” Kammenos. He’s wanted for waffling, backstepping, circling, ducking, and has gone into hiding to avoid being questioned over whatever-the-hell-it-is he wants over the FYROM name issue. An APB (All-Points Bulletin) has been issued. He’s unarmed and not dangerous apart from yelling every once in a while and then retreating.”

Just when you thought Kammenos, leader of the irrelevant, pro-austerity, pro-self, jingoistic Dependent Greeks couldn’t be …

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