Painted into a Corner: the FYROM Tragicomedy

FILE - Thessaloniki hosts a mass protest against the use of "Macedonia" in FYROM name, Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018. (Photo by MotionTeam/Fani Tripsani)

By Angelos Kostopoulos,

The “Skopians,” as we Greeks refer to the people living in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM),have fabricated a national identity in fear of disintegrating into their natural ethic and national constituencies that border that very small Balkan country.

When Yugoslavia disintegrated in the early 1990s, the elite of this province realized that they had to create a new national conscience or disappear. To achieve their goal of self-preservation, they revised their “history” by claiming to be descendants …

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  1. Most Americans have difficulty understanding the feelings of Macedonian Greeks. If you say to them, how would you feel if Canada suddenly changed their name to Michigan and declared Detroit as their capital, They would just laugh at you.. Or New York? Or any other state. Same reaction.

    But, tell them that a new university has been established in Marshall, Michigan and calls itself, “THE University of Michigan, adopts the Wolverine Mascot and the colors Blue and Gold and watch what happens! Or, try the same game in Ohio, with Ohio State University, or Alabama with the University of Alabama. In others, hit an American where he lives and see what happens. Well, that is what has happened with FYROM. They have hit people like me, where I live. My deep seated love of what is really Macedonia, the birthplace of my father. No one should ever be allowed to steal someone else’s identify for any reason.

    Thanasie Vrettas
    Novi, Michigan

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