Muslims Today, Yesteryear’s Greeks

The strikers tent colony in Ludlow, Colorado. Photo: Courtesy of Frosso Tsouka

By Harry Mark Petrakis,

For the four decades we have lived in our Indiana home, a large vintage photograph hangs on our living room wall showing about twenty young men posing for the camera, mountains looming behind them. They wear what must have been their best suits, with silver and gold watch fobs dangling from their vests. In contrast, they wear boots stained with dust. Each man holds a bottle of beer in one hand and a gun in the other.

Many …

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  1. Beautiful story but comparing the Christian Greeks and Italians with Muslim immigrants is unfair because their was never any doubt that when these boats came from Europe carrying whoever was in them, there where no radicalized terrorists among them planning to cause great harm in the name of Islam and Allah. Unfortunately there is a real prejudice today based on fear and justifiably so that although most of the Muslim communities are peaceful and quiet, we don’t know who is being radicalized. This fear will not go away in America for a very long time and I do feel for all immigrants but I have no problem with screening and vetting and keeping certain groups out that pose a threat to our families and our way of life. Sorry to those who disagree and no I am not a racist.

  2. Jeff of course you are not a racist, I agree with you 100%. All you have to do is look at the recent Pew surveys and similar surveys recently conducted of attitudes in the Muslim world and of Muslim immigrants in the western world. Strong majorities think the death penalty is just fine for apostasy (leaving Islam) and have no problem with the death penalty for gays. Isis has nothing on these folks. Pluralities if not outright majorities believe that women are worth less than men and can treated like property in many respects including a man’s right to strike a woman. I am offended when the backwards looking people are compared to my immigrant forefathers. And we should not be bringing more in until we can vet them to make sure they want to assimilate into our great American melting pot. Go look at the huge Somali Muslim communities in Minnesota and Maine who brought their lovely custom of female genital mutilitation with them to see what happens when we don’t vet people. By the way, my Persian (Iranian) neighbor and dear friend, who has family back there, is the one who earns the loudest about the need to closely vet who we admit from the Islamic world.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Greek immigrants were shown prejudice from Wasps in America because we didn’t look like them and we Are Orthodox Christians, which is far more conservative Christianity than even the Evangelicals in this country but their ignorance was far greater than their intelligence, But we were never terrorists nor are we ever going to be even with all the atrocities committed against us by the Crusaders and the Islamic Turks we behaved and continue to do so in a very civilized way no matter where we live. The Muslims immigrants will always have it much harder unless they begin to vet and turn in their own criminals to law enforcement they will never gain the trust or respect many of them deserve here in America.

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