Vasilis Stefanakos Was Μurdered in Haidari

FILE - Vasilis Stefanakos escorted by Greek police officers. (Photo by Greek Police via Eurokinissi)

ATHENS – Vasilis Stefanakos murdered by unknown gunman on Wednesday Jan. 17 on a street in Haidari, Athens, reports.

The victim was inside his vehicle when two individuals on a white motorcycle approached Stefanakos.
One of the individuals opened the door of the vehicle and used a Kalashnikov, shooting Stefanakos, and leaving him for dead in his car.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and the area was crowded with vehicles while the perpetrators are sought. They currently remain at large.

Authorities have long described the late Stefanakos as the “Godfather of the Godfathers” and the “leader of the Greek Mafia.” Two arrest warrants were pending before he was finally arrested in January 2008.
At the same time, three convictions for gang-related offenses, blackmail and assault were pending. His last conviction was December 14, 2006 (14.5 years in prison for the major case with the 44 defendants for protection and smuggling who were caught in 2002).