Athens Newspaper Headlines

People read newspapers around a kiosk in Athens. AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis.

ATHENS – The Saturday edition of Athens’ dailies at a glance:

ELEFTHEROS TIPOS: All the NSRF [programmes] that will ‘run’ in 2018

DEMOKRATIA: Wow! Adoration for Alexis. (Schaeuble’s squire) Dijsselbloem departs and glorifies Tsipras!

ETHNOS: Delicate balances

ESTIA: Ministerial farce over Skopje


AVGHI: New landscape for the [TV] channels

EFIMERITHA TON SINTAKTON: The hypocrisy of the oligarchs

KATHIMERINI: Slapdash objective values

RIZOSPASTIS: Down with the anti-popular omnibus bill! They are sowing winds and will reap storms

TA NEA: Casino Bank. The moral advantage lost in gambling

KONTRANEWS: Germany gained 290 billion euros from the crisis in Greece and the countries of the South!

PARASKINIO: Colonies of Turks and Skopjans in Athens-Thessaloniki