“Action for Wildlife” Rescues Orphaned Baby Hedgehogs

(Photo by ANA)

THESSALONIKI – Two orphaned baby hedgehogs will be among the animals that spend this winter at Thessaloniki’s “Action for Wildlife” shelter. Talking to ANA, shelter volunteer Stavros Kalpakis said that the two babies, found alone as newborns in a wood on the city outskirts in the autumn, will be released to the wild in March.

According to Kalpakis, the shelter has helped more than 1,600 animals – especially birds – up until the end of 2017. “One third of the animals we treat is released in a very short space of time, some are sent to the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital in Aigina but some don’t make it,” he said.

Those working at the shelter in Kalochori, northern Greece are all volunteers, Kalpakis said, but more volunteers and donations are always welcome. “There is no requirement to have veterinary skills, only involvement, responsibility and respect for the animals,” he added.