1. The metropolises aren’t necessary. They are drying up the funds of the parishes and destroying our churches and morale. The bishop of NJ. has 3 luxury cars and a full time driver living in NYC while his office is in Westfield NJ. While he is a very talented man and his services and chanting are excellent, his sermons are just as flawless, there should be some downsizing.

  2. Your otherwise excellent reporting goes too far expecting Fanari to solve our problems! It seems you will be happy with whatever Barthlomew decides. I have serious doubts!
    I am extremely grateful to the Herald’s management for “exposing” my predicament, but nobody pays attention to my plea for correcting a really criminal act of my Church by depriving me of my holy priesthood, while others, committing grave violations of our Orthodox moral code go “scot-free!” May God save our Orthodox Faith!

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