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Independent journalism, in the troubled times we live in, is more necessary than ever.

The busy citizen today often does not have the time it takes to evaluate the often conflicting information circulating. There are, in fact, more censored news – fake news – now with the revolution in social media than ever before, and why, under the pressure of economic challenges, even the largest media outlets, are forced to reconcile with certain situations that in the past they would not have.

In the light of these developments, the healthiest media outlets, both morally and financially, are changing their model of operation so that they can cope with their obligations without compromising or restricting their journalistic coverage of events.

The new model calls for media to rely directly on the reader rather than on advertising – which until recently had made up the bulk of its revenue. For example, for the first time in its long history, the New York Times collects the largest proportion of its revenue – 53% – from its circulation (newsstands and subscriptions), and over time this percentage is rising, as the new technologies enable it to spread all over the world.

At the same time, another model launched by London’s Guardian newspaper is developing: This is direct support from its readers. Already, more than 200,000 readers responded.

These are sound decisions because they give their readers the chance to hold the fate of the newspapers in their hands.

For this reason, The National Herald created the dual possibility of strengthening – with subscriptions and direct support – by posting on its website ( and

One can subscribe or give a subscription as a gift to one or more of our publications – if they are not subscribers already- or make a direct donation.

The options are four and everyone, depending on the amount they can spend, receives the appropriate commemorative gifts from our newspaper. Also, one of our commitments, as an example to others, for reasons of transparency, and to thank them, is to list our supporters on line and in print, as well as below.

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