Abundance Art Exhibition Features Work by Yiannis Kaminis and Andrew Matusik

Opening night of the art exhibition Abundance in New York City. Photo: Courtesy of Yiannis Kaminis

NEW YORK – The art exhibition entitled Abundance featuring paintings by Greek artist Yiannis Kaminis and photographs by American Andrew Matusik opened on Monday, December 4 in the Gallery- Sunni Spencer at 371 Bleecker St. in New York City. On Sunday, December 10, art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to meet the artists from 12-2 PM.

Kaminis spoke with The National Herald about his work and the current exhibition. He explained his method of painting noting that his art is a process and a “complete way of being” and inspiration can come from a concept, idea, feeling or vibration.

The evocative, abstract paintings included in the exhibition are charged with energy and emotion. Color is one of Kaminis’ many strengths as an artist. The play of light on many of the works with their visible brushstrokes and texture, creates interest and can even transform a painting entirely.

The artist, as noted on his website. “is inspired by people, ideas and phenomena as they are evident in the sphere of conscious and unconscious life. He chooses colors to represent energy dynamics and the painting emerges as a flow of energy.”

One of the paintings by Yiannis Kaminis in the Abundance art exhibition. Photo: Courtesy of Yiannis Kaminis

Kaminis noted that “usually each painting has a multifaceted meaning unveiling archetypical signs and symbols.” When asked about his commissioned works he said that he “selects the color dynamic” for the people and “continues with the imagery on canvas as a fingerprint of their unique character and identity.”

Kaminis said that a mutual friend mentioned the Gallery and suggested he meet Matusik. Viewed together, the photographs and the paintings create a fantastic synergy in the space. Matusik, who studied painting, took up photographer later on, noting that he “thinks like a painter” rather than thinking like a photographer. The photographs in the exhibition are surreal and a few recall famous paintings of that genre by Dalí and Magritte.

More information on Yiannis Kaminis is available online at: yianniskaminis.gr and on Andrew Matusik at: www.matusikart.com.

Yiannis Kaminis and Andrew Matusik. Photo: Courtesy of Yiannis Kaminis
The work of painter Yiannis Kaminis and photographer Andrew Matusik in the Abundance art exhibition. Photo: Courtesy of Yiannis Kaminis